Top 10 Handheld Laser Welding Machine Manufacturers in the World

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Explore the top 10 global handheld laser welder manufacturers. Discover leading brands revolutionizing the welding industry with advanced tech.

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Are you tired of using old welding techniques that delay your overall performance? Then you are just right on the spot! We have solutions to all your problems. Laser welding machines are the new way of welding things that are efficient and enhance your business performance as a whole. The laser welding process is the new business booster machine.

The global market analysis report of handheld laser welding machines states that the handheld laser welding machine industry has shown an increasing trend. According to the Global “Handheld Laser Welding Machine Market” 2023 report, the market size of handheld laser welding machines has been recorded at 338 million for the year 2022. And it will increase drastically to the value of 1317.8 million by the year 2029.

Fiber laser beams have contributed equally to the product’s range with the increasing trend of laser welding machines. The convenience and quick work made this technology a useful business partner.

In this article, we will discuss what exactly a handheld welding machine is and what the top laser beam welding machine manufacturers are.

What Are Laser Welding Machines?

laser welding machine

The simple mechanism can be understood from the name to know about laser welding machines. A laser welding machine is designed to be used for industrial use, which enables two metal pieces to be joined together using a laser beam. The laser welding machine has a big market in the manufacturing industry. This is precisely being used to weld in a cleaner manner and uses low heat input.

Laser welding machines are high-speed as compared to traditional welding machines. (Maybe you want to know the comparison between Laser welding and TIG welding, Laser welding and MIG welding.) The other beneficial feature is the laser welding machine’s large depth and minimal deformation. Handheld laser welding machines can melt difficult materials, providing a better finish. These materials include:

The laser welding machines are designed for the laser technology that uses the following ways of welding:

  • Spot welding
  • Butt joints welding
  • Lap edges
  • Lap joints
  • T-butt
  • Seam welds
  • Narrow welds
  • Deep welds
  • Kiss welds (high weld rates)

Click to learn more about 5 basic types of weld joints and their improvement tips.

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What Are the Criteria for Selecting the Top 10 Handheld Laser Welder Manufacturers?

When we talk about the top manufacturers producing high-quality handheld laser welding machines, there are some criteria that should meet business requirements and serve their right purposes. So, here are some of the key criteria listed below:

1. Quality of the Machine

When choosing laser welding machines, the main aspect you should keep in mind is the quality of the product. The business should go for the one that is built to last. Long-lasting product quality can be judged through the material manufacturers use, the manufacturing process, and the quality-checking procedures the manufacturer follows.

2. Customer Support and Service

The after-sales services can be required anytime when the product is on the market. Look for the customer support service they provide that includes training and technical assistance as well.

The spare parts availability, the warranty type, and the service options a manufacturer mentions before selling the product should be considered.

laser welding

3. Reputation in the Industry

There are laser welding manufacturers that have a proven service track record in the market because of their excellent services and products. The business should invest in such companies that make sure to provide reliable products.

Check for feedback and comments on their website or read social media reviews before buying a handheld laser welding machine.

4. Innovation and Technology

Evaluate the laser welding technology that specifies the technical requirements of your business. The technical specifications can be the power output, welding speed, and beam quality.  

5. Ease of Usage

The ease of use can be evaluated through the features provided by the manufacturers as compared to traditional welding methods. Consider how easily the machine operates and is maintained. This might include user-friendly interfaces, easy availability of maintenance components, and intuitive costs. Laser welding machine, therefore, provides precision welding.

6. Price and Affordability

High-end laser welding machines can be costly compared to the prices of all top manufacturers. The product you are getting should fulfill the value for money. In such a scenario, the business should consider the overall cost of ownership.

Top 10 Handheld Laser Welding Machine Manufacturers

RankBrand NameLocationNote
1BaisonChinaGlobally recognized for many products.
2TrumpfGermanyLeaders in laser technology and medical equipment.
3AmadaJapanKnown for metalworking machinery, including lasers.
4IPG PhotonicsUSAPioneers in high-efficiency fiber lasers and amplifiers.
5LaserlineUKExperts in industrial diode lasers.
6Han's LaserChinaAmong Asia's top laser equipment manufacturers.
7FANUCJapanGlobally recognized for CNC systems, robots, and lasers.
8CoherentUSAOffers diverse laser tools for commercial to scientific needs.
9Golden LaserChinaSpecializes in laser cutting, and engraving, especially for textiles.
10LaserStarUSAProvides laser solutions for welding, engraving, and cutting.

1. Baison

Baison laser

Baison is the leading handheld laser welding machine manufacturer in China. Where 100 other different countries are being provided service. Baison has been providing its services for more than two decades, making them professionally in the field.

They provide cost-effective, stable, and accurate laser solutions to businesses that produce efficient welding finishes. Baison deals in most industries like automotive, appliance manufacturing, shipbuilding, heavy industry and transport, oil and gas, aviation and aerospace, and construction.

Main Products


The Baison laser welding provides precise welding that enhances strength and accuracy with minimal heat distortion. Businesses can get customized laser welders that can fulfill the required needs.

They also have state-of-the-art technology that uses advanced devices like optics, motors, and laser generators.

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2. Trumpf


Trumpf has been running globally since 1923 in technology and laser systems. They have been working with more than 70 subsidiaries from Germany.

Trumpf has been recognized globally because they have continuously improved techniques in their technical standards with time. They deal in a wide range of products and services in the fields of laser technology, medical technology, and the electronics industry.

Main Products

The main products are as follows:

  • Machines and Systems
  • Lasers
  • VCSEL Solutions and Photodiodes
  • Real-Time Locating
  • Power Electronics
  • Machine Tools


Trumpf uses smart functions to fully accommodate the machine’s laser power. This is achieved through smart collision prevention, which disables parts tipping over, collisions, and micro joints.

3. Amada


Amada was established in 1948 to solve the company’s manufacturing challenges. It is in California and provides welding solutions to aerospace, automotive, batteries, defense, electronic components, medical, motor and coils, photonics, and sensors.

Amada offers its services to various industries, including medical devices, automotive electric vehicles, battery, and solar industries. It is a well-known company that is an innovative tech manufacturer and has adapted the laser welding options with the passing of time.

Main Products


Amada welding technology’s biggest advantage is that they support customer services while providing the best laser solutions. You can evaluate the quick weld problem and make it a successful weld solution with Amada.

4. IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics is a known laser solution provider with precise results and aims to enhance your business’s productivity. The IPG is a US-based firm that has 6000 employees with 35 offices worldwide. They have been in this business for 27 years now. 

IPG serves different applications like cutting, laser welding, marking, ablation, cleaning, drilling, brazing, and cladding. It gives consistent and high-quality results. Also, it is an easy-to-operate and learns device.

Main Products

  • ILT Medical Systems
  • Laser Cube
  • Handheld Systems
  • E-Mobility Systems
  • Integrated Laser Systems
  • Robotic Workstations
  • Custom Systems


IPG Photonics works 4X faster than traditional ones. In order to build a laser welding machine that you can trust, they use a wide range of materials. Every time you use the machine, it will give the same successful result. It is flexible and has pre and post-cleaning ability.

5. Laserline


Laser Lines was established in 1975 and provided 3D printers, laser processing solutions, and related accessories. They deal in the UK with 20 suppliers providing end-to-end services like maintenance, repair, installation, and training.

The 40-year-old business is now a reliable and trusted laser solution manufacturer. They offer fiber laser welding machine systems from Laserline Germany. The SISMA SWA series, SISMA SW-S laser welding workstation, and SISMA SWA 150/300 laser welding systems are high-quality and work sessions with precision results.

Main Products

  • Turnkey Laser Solutions
  • Laser Processes
  • Lasers
  • Laser For Science
  • Accessories
  • OEM Laser Systems and Accessories
  • 3D Printers


Laserline is a UK-based company, but they offer more products by cooperating with other countries like Germany and Italy to provide the best laser welding solutions. 

6. Han’s Laser

Han's Laser

Han’s Laser was founded in 1996 in China, which now turns out to be the flagship laser industry in the world. They deal in more than 200 machine models to provide the best laser solutions to businesses.

With a very strong R&D department, Han’s has the Ultraviolet laser patent technology that few countries possess. They complete all QC standards like ISO9001 and ISO14001.

They now deal in many countries like Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, and many others.

Main Products

  • Laser Marking Machines
  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Laser Welding Machines
  • Automation
  • Laser Generator
  • CNC machines
  • Collaborative Robot
  • 3D Printers


Han’s Laser provides its equipment installation with pre and after-sales services. Machine maintenance is given upon checking quantity, model, function, and technical data.

Also, they offer manufacturing services to industries like packaging, light energy, electronics, automobile manufacturing, brittle material industry, and sheet metal.



FANUC was established in 1956 in Japan. FANUC has reached many milestones with each passing year to provide the best to the customers.

FANUC lasers are based on high power and high quality. This laser welding machine provides high performance that can work for any other field. So that you can work on all kinds of material. The Laser oscillator of FANUC sells carbon dioxide.

Main Products

  • FA (CNC, servo motor, laser)
  • IoT


FANUC provides sustainability while using advanced technology and innovations. They deal with their surroundings first to provide businesses with the best solution without causing harmful health effects.

8. Coherent


Coherent has been providing its welding services for 56 years throughout the globe. It is a leading laser name with global clients. They started giving laser solutions from the laser rays using rain gutters as a subject with their laundry.

Coherent has been rated among the top 10 laser welding manufacturers.

Main Products

  • ExactWeld
  • StarFiber Series for Welding And Cutting
  • Profile Welding System
  • MPS series
  • UW series
  • SLS200 CL Pulsed Laser Welder
  • Manual Welding System


Coherent gives its services for CO2, laser welding, and fiber laser products. Businesses will get controlled electronics options while choosing their product. Their CNC operations have 2D and 3D options. They have machines with the latest technology using lasers, sensors, and optics.

9. Golden Laser

Golden Laser

Golden Laser is based in China with a renowned laser equipment manufacturer brand name. They have been providing laser solutions for 16 years. They aim to provide digital, intelligent, and automated laser solutions that focus on the latest technology.

They provide laser solutions to various technical, textiles, fashion, and label applications. Also, they provide laser cutting systems to the automotive and aerospace industries.

Their lasers can provide excellent cutting to any form of the material provided to it. The laser has remarkable tolerance even when cutting or welding difficult materials.

Main Products

  • Digital Laser Die-Cutting Machine
  • Vision Laser Cutting Machine
  • Flatbed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
  • CO2 Galvo Laser Machine
  • CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver
  • Smart Cutting Machine


Golden Laser carries out what customer demands are and prepares feasibility analysis. This way, businesses can rely on the company to provide them with the best solutions for their businesses.

10. LaserStar


LaserStar Technologies was established in 1957 in the US. Some years later, the company started to supply its welding services globally. They have highly qualified technical staff that businesses the installation, in-house, on-site, and virtual training as well.  

LaserStar machines provide accuracy, so the need for finishing after the work is done is minimized. They have electronically compatible machines that repair and join every dysfunctional object.

Main Products

  • LaserStar 990 series
  • LaserStar 7800 series
  • LaserStar 7900 series
  • LaserStar FiberCube Compact


LaserStar is a laser solution provider with fast welding speed, burst mode laser machines, and energy-saving laser machines. These devices help to protect you from any damage because they have maintenance alerts installed on them.

7 Benefits of Choosing Baison As Your Partner

Choosing a specialized manufacturer is the first step towards increased productivity. Why is Baison the first choice? Read on to find out the answer.

1. Reputation

Baison, the trusted and most advantageous handheld laser welding machine manufacturer, benefits from a renowned brand name.

2. Innovation

Your business can trust a reliable manufacturer that meets all the requirements and provides innovative ideas.

3. Competitive Prices

They offer market-competitive prices that are cost-effective at the same time.

4. Expertise

You can enjoy working with them as a business customer by applying for a free application evaluation. 

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5. Flexibility

Also, their machines are customizable, so your business can avail of flexibility benefits with Baison.

6. Excellent Customer Service

This manufacturer has excellent customer service that deals with all your welding problems and converts them into welding solutions.

7. Strong Partnerships

The most important part of choosing Baison is that your business can benefit from its strong partnerships and sample proofing.


Handheld laser welding machines are needed for different applications throughout the world. The one you want may vary from the other because of the fact that these welding devices are meant to be designed for certain materials and businesses.

You can custom order them from a reliable manufacturer because they require certain specifications. So, you can trust the top welding machine manufacturer like Baison.

Invest your money with the best welding machine supplier so that you get the benefit of working with it in the long term.

Discover the Perfect Solution for Your Business with Baison!

I trust you have understood the benefits of choosing Baison as a partner. So, to make history in the laser welding machine market and take your business to new heights, contact us today. We ensure to provide you with the best solutions, efficient customer service, and free application evaluation.

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