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Upskilling Your Workforce with Hands-On Training

To get the most value from your new fiber laser systems, our dedicated Baison team offers robust training solutions. In turn, we ensure that your manufacturing floor has the technical and operational acumen to achieve maximum productivity.

Through our highly-trained dealer network, we offer local support regardless of location. Reach out to us today for more information about our fiber laser system training.


End-to-End Training to Optimize Your Workflow

At Baison, we offer training from the ground up, covering everything from daily operations to maintenance. No matter what your machining needs are, you can take peace of mind knowing that we go above and beyond our role as China’s best fiber laser systems manufacturer, backing up our expansive collection with world-class training. Ultimately, we want to ensure that your workforce knows exactly how to properly use every standard and advanced feature we offer.

Software Training

Software Training

Our fiber laser systems come with advanced software to accelerate the production process. Our software training enables your workforce to navigate the settings, user interface, advanced features, and beyond. In turn, you can improve the speed and quality of production.

Operation Training

Operation Training

We deploy experienced trainers adept with our entire lineup of fiber laser systems. Our hands-on operational training provides actionable lessons for your workforce to use each system as intended. Our interactive training approach also leaves room for questions along the way.

Maintenance Training

As part of our commitment to quality, each fiber laser system is built to endure years of heavy usage. At the same time, proper maintenance is essential to extend the lifetime of your investment. That’s why we offer preventative and corrective maintenance training to ensure smooth operability.

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage interested manufacturers to read the common questions section below for more information regarding our fiber laser systems training solutions.

Are the training free of charge?

Yes. Our online training is complimentary. Simply reach out using the form below to get started. Additionally, we have a wide range of technical references to help you get the most value out of your fiber laser systems.

Do you provide on-site training?

Yes. After purchasing a fiber laser system from Baison, we install and commissioned the machine on-site. From there, we train your operators on proper usage.

Is the training administered by a local expert?

Yes. Through our dealer network, we have local experts who can show your team how to operate and maintain your fiber laser systems. Additionally, our Baison support team is here for questions.

Is there a time limit on when I can request a training?

No. By ordering a Baison fiber laser system, you become a lifelong partner. In turn, we offer complimentary training for life.

Highly-Trained Teams Start with Baison

If you’re ready to amplify your workforce’s proficiency with best-in-class training from our experts at Baison, we invite you to place a training request using the form.

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