High Power Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Be a leader in your industry with our high-power sheet metal laser cutting machines fused with innovative, premium-grade technologies and fiber optic delivery. Whether in shipbuilding, steel structure, pylon, or any other sector, our machines are the best in China, allowing you to operate at full production, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

Fantastic Features to Elevate Your Cutting Quality

Cut down costs using automation, reliability, metal utilization, and ease of integration with optical heads and scanners, saving you money on manpower and maintenance. See why our machines can make you a global superpower.

Thick Plate Proficiency

Fastrack your manufacturing operations, with fiber optic delivery allowing you to cut through various metal diameters efficiently and quickly.

Precise Bevel Cuts

Keep consistent with cutting quality and reduce inaccuracy rate and wastage with high-angle bevel cuts.

Heavy Duty Switching Platform

Save time delays by instantly inputting instructions for operation changes with our responsive technology.

Process Reliability

Remarkable reliability due to lengthy diode lifetimes, outperforming traditional technology production operations within your business.

Easy to Operate

Diminish disturbances to operations with a straightforward setup, debugging, and performance levels.

Following-up Dust Removal System

Enhance your employee’s work environment with better air quality due to its built-in dust removal system.

Common Applications

Biason’s sheet metal laser cutting machines are not limited to one industry. From shipbuilding to construction machinery, our high-power sheet metal laser cutters are a primary choice for many.

Cutting Capabilities

The secret to the superiority of our machines lies within our technical specifications. With unparalleled laser power, accuracy rates, speed, and cutting area, our machines are a hybrid of intelligence and excellence.

Laser Power3000W-20000W12000W-30000W
Cutting Area3000×1500mm
Max Moving Speed140m/min140m/min
Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm/m±0.02mm/m
Repositioning Accuracy±0.03mm±0.02mm
Max. Acc. Speed1.2G1.5G

Top-level Configuration of Our High Power Cutting Machine

At Biason, our high-power sheet metal cutters combine the best parts to optimize your production pipelines. From physical manufacturing to digital, we always strive to serve you greatness in real time.

IPG Laser Source

IPG Laser Source

Our IPG lasers have large outputs ranging from 1kW to 30KW and over and can be easily integrated with optical heads and scanners.

Boci Laser Head

Boci Laser Head

Monitor the cavity temperature, ambient temperature, focusing lens environment temperature, protection, and more with our brilliant laser head.

Motovario Motoreducer

Keep your cutting quality consistent with our Motovario Moto reducer. This robust reducer enhances reliability with high power density, modularity, and compact size.

Yaskawa Servo Motor

Yaskawa Servo Motor

Automate and mechatronics the digital operations of your metal laser cutting machine. Our Yaskawa Servo motor enhances your cutting process with a button click.

Operating System

Biason’s high-power sheet metal laser cutting machine deploys an FSCU 6000 operating system. Its easy installation, debugging, and top-tier performance make it a perfect solution for many manufacturers.

With thick sheet metal part processing ideal for the steel structure, pylon, and shipping industry, it can elevate efficiency and processing levels. It has functions and features such as “traceless micro linking,” “lightning perforation,” “five-level perforation,” “slag removal from perforation,” and “confer process,” raising the quality of thick plating processing.

  • Promptly find the midpoint of the disc to enhance round plate processing efficiency.
  • Sample layout function to boost your sheet utilization rate
  • Cut any pattern or shape on the go with a fast-cutting speed

Fiber Laser Cutting Knowledge

At Biason, we love to help you advance your operations whenever possible with industry-related information. Check out our blogs on laser cutters to upgrade your knowledge and be a step ahead of your competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For us, we must eliminate any element of confusion or concerns for our customers. Below, you’ll find some of their most common questions asked.

What is the maximum thickness this machine can cut?

The thickness of your cut will depend on the machine’s power and material. Our high-power sheet metal laser cutting machine can provide a 3000 – 30,000W power range for you to choose from. Contact our engineers to get a suitable solution.

Can we get a application evaluation before place the order?

We understand that every project is unique, so we offer free application evaluations to help you find the perfect machine for your needs. Simply submit a request, and our sales engineer will get back with their professional knowledge on how they can best service YOU!

Can you provide customized solutions according to our needs?

We provide customized solutions tailored to your production line usage and requirements. Let us know your needs, and we will deliver strategies to enhance the processing power of your business. Contact Baison now!

What is the warranty for your fiber laser cutting machine?

All of our machines come with a 3 year warranty. If you have an issue with the machine, we’ll be there to help! And if it’s time for new parts or service? No problem – just let us know what needs fixing up, and someone will get back in touch as soon as possible

Ready to Increase Your Productivity with Baison?

At Biason, we deem ourselves the best in the business and China regarding being a fiber laser system manufacturer. With over two decades of experience serving 100 countries and counting, we can provide you with solutions, advice, and guidance that can elevate your business.

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