Construction Industry Fiber Laser Solutions

Construction companies are always looking to make their manufacturing process better and more efficient. Baison lasers have become an empirical part of the construction industry because of their precision, efficacy, and reliability. Many facilities catering to various aspects of manufacturing, such as steel, iron, wood, glass, etc., have become the driver of a modern economy.

Fiber laser technology is just what contemporary construction needs to increase production time and quality for the end user. Baison Lasers have automated the cutting, welding, and drilling process of heavy and light construction industries.

Construction Industry Fiber Laser Solutions

Advantages of Fiber Laser Technology

Our fiber laser machines provide an upgrade to traditional manufacturing processes. It has made production fast, better, and profitable. 

Bulk Production

Fiber lasers enable bulk production due to their high speed and automatic machinery. Industries can grow at an exponential rate.

High Reliability

It’s the right investment that starts to give higher profits in the long term. Suitable for all types of industries, from small to big.


Better automation, precision, and material compatibility yield higher profits. Fiber lasers ensure immense success and growth.

Fiber Laser Applications in Construction Industry

Construction is an amalgam of various manufacturing industries. Steel, cement, ceramic, concrete, etc., processing plants are common. First introduced a decade ago, this technology is becoming an integral part of the construction industry. 

laser cutting metal

Laser Cutting Applications

Laser cutting is considered the most important addition to the construction industry. It covers sheet metal, thin and thick plates, pipes, beams, mechanical parts, and much more. Above all, the material integrity remains intact with fiber lasers. 

Laser Welding Applications

Fiber lasers provide convenient welding solutions in the construction industry. Traditional methods produce lesser-quality joints and are hard to learn. In comparison, laser welding is adaptable and has vast applications. 

laser welding
Fiber Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning Applications

Construction is prone to dust, rust, and corrosion. In such an industry, cleaning is crucial for higher-quality processing. Laser cleaning provides fast, reliable, and effective cleaning. 

Laser Marking Applications

Laser marking can engrave labels, instructions, logos, and a much more variety of manufacturing components. It’s a permanent and reliable method to keep track of the details. Laser marking is also easier to do than traditional methods.  

Laser Marking

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