Top 10 Laser Welding Machine Manufacturers In The World

Laser Welding Machine Manufacturers
This is a list of the top 10 laser welding machine manufacturers based on market share, revenues, product quality, and innovation.

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Are you looking for a first-class laser welding system for your company? Or perhaps you are a vendor that wants the best laser welding equipment for business. Look no further!

We’ve prepared this comprehensive guide about major global laser welding machine manufacturers based on product quality, company portfolio, and estimated worth.

You’ll get to read the strong points of all the top 10 laser welding manufacturers to choose the best option for your project. 

Let’s dive into it. 

Laser Welding Machines — An Overview

Laser welding machines are the next step in the evolution of the welding process. Traditional TIG welding and MIG welding are inefficient and hard compared to modern laser welding.

As such, the demand for laser welding systems has drastically increased during the last three years. 

Laser welding produces low heat-affected zones and requires minimum rectification afterward. Industries like automotive, robotics, aerospace, and medicine are the main beneficiaries of this cutting edge technology. 

Graph depicting rising trends of laser welding by google analytics.
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Top 10 Laser Welding Manufacturers 

PositionBrand nameYear EstablishedLocationEmployee Size
2Han’s Laser1996China12,000+
3Baison Laser2003China500+
5Coherent1966United States5,000+
7IPG Photonics1990United States6,000+
8LaserStar Technologies1957United States100-200
9ALPHA LASER1994Germany100-200
10Chutian Laser 1985China1,000+
Top 10 Laser Welding Manufacturers 

This table contains information on the top laser welding machine manufacturers worldwide, ranked by quality, product variety, market share, estimated revenue, and customer service.

Here we discuss each company briefly with their unique selling points. All of the companies have incredible products in the field of laser welding. 

Continue reading to get holistic knowledge of the laser metal processing industry and its major players worldwide. 



Trumpf Group is a popular German brand specializing in laser machines and systems, VCSEL solutions, power tools, software, and maintenance services. Founded in 1923, the company expanded its portfolio and became the global name for sheet metal processing solutions

Trumpf has big manufacturing plants worldwide and more than 14,000 employees that keep it running. The brand also invests millions of euros in research and development of modern technologies.

Trumpf’s main products for welding are fiber laser, pulsed laser, and CO2 welding machines by the name TruFiber, TruPulse, and TruFlow. All of these products are high-quality and can weld a wide range of materials.

The brand manufactures disk laser welding machines that are available for a power output of up to 16 KW.

Trumpf also sells automated laser deposition welding machines for repairing and finishing metal parts. 

In summary,  Trumpf laser machines have multiple models for diverse welding, cutting, and additive manufacturing needs. 


  • High-quality machines
  • Reliable and precise


  • Machines are expensive

2. Han’s Laser

Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Han’s Laser is a Chinese brand that manufactures laser welding machines and systems. Founded in 1996, it has become a key player in the market with over 12,000 employees and multiple manufacturing plants. 

Han’s laser welding series includes various machines useful in many industries. Their feature products are a sensor welding system, five-axis linkage, automatic laser solder ball spray, and an integrated hand-held system. These welding systems are high quality and durable. 

Other than that, they also deal in laser cutting-, cleaning-, marking-, CNC machines, industrial robots, and 3D printers. Han’s laser machines primarily use YAG, fiber laser, and semiconductor laser sources.

Moreover, Han’s R&D department works on contemporary laser technology and finds ways to improve it. The brand claims to be the world’s only company with patented ultraviolet laser technology

Han’s Laser also provides after-sales services to its clients, such as installation, training, and maintenance of laser welding machines. 


  • High efficiency
  • Low operating costs


  • The quality of machines vary

3. Baison Laser

Foshan Huibaisheng Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Next up is another shining prospect from China. Established in the early 2000s, Baison Laser quickly disrupted the laser welding industry market.

Baison Laser specializes in the best hand-held laser welding machines and industrial welding robots. Both are the epitome of excellence and high quality.

The brand provides better-automated welding solutions for industries struggling to increase their precision and production rate. It’s suitable for hard-to-reach areas and delicate welds. These machines can weld various materials like steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized iron, silicon sheet, titanium, and many others.

What’s unique about this company is that they let the clients customize the products according to the project’s needs. 

Like the above two in our list, Baison Laser also offers its clients exceptional pre-sales and after-sales services. With a large manufacturing plant of over 50,000 km2 and 500+ expert staff, the brand ensures timely delivery to its clients. 

Baison Laser’s expertise lies in fiber laser and CO2 laser technology. Moreover, they also manufacture high-quality laser cutting, laser marking, and cleaning machinery.

The company knows the importance of continuous upgradation of technology and has invested millions in its R&D department. Developing more than 300 patents related to laser technology. 

Even though the company is relatively younger than most on my list, its continuous stride toward success enabled it to cross the 1 billion yuan mark in estimated revenue last year.  The brand supplies premium quality laser welding solutions in time to its clients worldwide.


  • Young and innovative company 
  • Specialist in laser technology 
  • Product customization
  • Market competitive rates


  • Limited Marketing and Outreach
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4. Amada Weld Tech


Amada Weld Tech, based in the USA, is a subsidiary of the famous Japanese group Amada Co. Ltd. Established in 1972, the company has grown in popularity and is known for providing high-end welding solutions to clients worldwide. 

Amada provides various welding solutions based on both traditional and modern laser technology. The company uses laser welding technologies like YAG, direct diode, fiber, and semi-automatic laser welding systems. 

Some features products are laser welding workstations, custom laser welding systems, laser heads, and accessories. These products are used in the medical, automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries. 

Moreover, Amada also sells laser weld monitors, which are basically used for quality inspection.

The brand has high-tech testing labs and training centers in which expert engineers research modern laser technology. Since its inception, Amada has developed numerous patents in the field of resistance and laser welding technology. 

Amada also provides after-sales services like field service and maintenance support. 


  • High-quality and precise machines 
  • Variety of applications 


  • Machines can be expensive

5. Coherent

Coherent, Inc.

Coherent, Inc. is an American brand headquartered in California. Founded in 1966, It has since developed the most diverse portfolio compared to any other company. It specializes in laser machines, systems, components, accessories, and measuring tools. 

Coherent provides solutions to various industries like life sciences, medicine, and aerospace. Moreover, it has ties with academia and conducts great scientific research on modern technology. 

Coherent produces laser welding machines for many materials like metal and plastic. The machines are precise and host a wide range of systems. Different options are available based on power, laser types, and manual or automatic welding machines

These machines are specifically designed for the automotive and medical industries. The brand has an exceptional R&D department called Coherent Labs, which is the backbone of this company’s innovation.

The company also offers advanced technical support, which utilizes video assistance and IOT-integrated systems for easy monitoring and servicing of the laser machines. Moreover, they provide training to their customers for increased productivity and performance. 


  • Diverse portfolio 
  • High-quality laser source 
  • Advance control system


  • Expensive machinery

6. Jenoptik

Jenoptik AG

Jenoptik is a German brand founded in 1991 and has since grown into a fairly popular brand in the industry. Jenoptik produces machines related to optics, imaging solutions, laser technology, and security systems. 

The brand sells Laser cutting and welding machines that are customized for medical, life sciences, semiconductor equipment, and the automotive industry. Jenoptik provides advanced laser solutions that are precise, efficient, and cost-effective. 

Jenoptik has some great products when it comes to laser technology. Their forte is Photonics, and they conduct functioning and highly innovative research and development programs, which puts them ahead of the competition. 

Jenoptik provides customized and tailored laser solutions to its clients worldwide. Moreover, the company also makes OEM laser machines for businesses. The company employs 4000+ employees who keep the operation running smoothly.


  • High-quality and innovative machines 


  • Limited products and targeted industries
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7. IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics Corporation

IPG is an American company that deals in laser and photonics. Established in 1990, it’s a relatively young company. This company sells laser welding machines under the brand name “Light WELD.” These are compact hand-held laser machines that have many features. 

Fiber lasers are used mainly, and power output can go up to 1.5 KW. These machines work best with stainless steel and aluminum plates. 

IPG talks about a vertical integration system that enables them to deliver high-quality laser machines, equipment, and accessories to their clients. 


  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Low operating costs.


  • Limited range of applications

8. LaserStar Technologies

LaserStar Technologies Corporation

LaserStar is a smaller company relative to other American names we mentioned above. Since its inception in 1957, the business has amassed recognition in the industrial laser market. LaserStar laser welding machines come with a wide variety of options. 

Fiber laser, solid-state laser, and coupled-laser power its laser welding machines. Other than that, manual welding machines are controlled by multi-axis motion systems and rotation devices. 

However, LaserStar’s majority of products are manual or semi-automatic. The brand also offers assisted financing and lease application services to its clients. LaserStar provides technical assistance to its customers via an active helpline. 


  • Compact design and high precision
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Limited product catalog



ALPHA LASER is a German company established in 1994 specializing in fiber laser welding and cutting technology. Their laser welding machines are purely meant for high-quality metal working.

ALPHA LASER produces reliable hand-held, mobile laser welding solutions, and electron beam welding systems for numerous industries. 

The welding machines also include deposition welding with both wire and powder options. ALPHALASER claims to be the inventor of mobile laser technology. The machines are mainly powered by Nd: YAG and fiber laser sources. Overall, the machines are precise and reliable. 


  • Mobile laser welding products
  • Micro welding 


  • Limited product catalog
  • Limited product customization 

10.  Chutian Laser

Wuhan Chutian Laser Group Co., Ltd.

Lastly, Chutian Laser was founded in 1984. Since then, the company has produced many high-quality laser cutting, marking, and welding turn-key solutions. Its main products are hand-held lasers, robot lasers, galvo lasers, and cladding systems.

Chutian Laser’s main welding product features a high-quality fiber laser welding machine and a YAG laser welding machine for continuous weld seams. The products have multiple functions and are controlled by automation software. 


  • High power and efficiency
  • Low-cost solutions 


  • Limited features 
  • Poor after-sales services 
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Final Thoughts 

After going through the list, we are sure you can decide which laser welder company can meet your demands.

Laser welding systems are relatively modern machines compared to traditional welding methods. Therefore, these systems require prior training for laser welders.

Make sure you choose companies that offer high-quality machines with good after-sales services and training to their customers. 

Why Choose Baison Laser for Your Laser Welding Projects?

There are many laser welding machine manufacturers out there but only a few meet the actual demand of customers. Here at Baison Laser, we consider market needs while manufacturing our products. 

Baison Laser has an intense R&D program that helps manufacture durable laser systems that comply with international quality standards. Our commitment to quality doesn’t affect affordability as we offer competitive market prices. 

Our laser welding machines consist of high-tech fiber laser technology, which ensures precise and defect-free welding of various materials such as metals and plastics. 

Baison Laser lets you customize the machines according to the project needs for greater success and profits. Moreover, our fiber laser specialist offers 24/7 assistance with project evaluation and FREE sample proofing.

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