Single Platform Sheet Metal & Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The Baison single-platform sheet metal and tube laser cutter is an excellent machine for any business looking to integrate cutting capabilities into their production process. It’s easy to use, making it an ideal choice even if you’re new at this!

Single Platform Sheet Metal & Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The benefits of the Baison Single Platform Sheet Metal & Tube Laser Cutting Machine gives your business that edge and opportunity you need to break into the cutting industry. 

One Machine for Multiple Uses

You can use one machine to cut both metal sheets and tubes.

Ultra Cutting Quality

Efficient and precise cutting gives you parts that your customers need.

Efficient Use of Energy

Energy savings with the machine helps you manage your operational expenses. 

Fast Cutting Speed with Precision

Cutting speed and effectiveness go hand in hand with this machine.

Easy to Operate

This machine’s ease of use and operation is ideal for beginners.

Less Space Required

Requiring minimal space for the machine improves process and production flow.

Common Applications

This cutting machine is a jack of all trades regarding application and use. The wide range of opportunities to use the machine spans different industries. 

Machine Capabilities

To get a more detailed technical description of our Baison Single Platform Sheet Metal & Tube Laser Cutting Machine, take a look at below and find our specification sheet.

Laser Power1500W-12000W
Processing Size3000mm×1500mm
Pipe Processing
QG30T4(Cutting Stroke 3000mm): φ20-100mm □20-100mm
QG60T4(6500mm): φ20-210mm □20-150mm
QG60T5(6500mm): φ20-350mm □20-245mm
Max Moving Speed80m/min
Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm/m
Repositioning Accuracy±0.03mm
Max. Acc. Speed0.6G


We work with the best suppliers to help provide you quality laser cutters for your business. Here are some of them from top manufacturing companies in the world. 

IPG Laser Source

IPG Laser Source

IPG Photonics laser and amplifier system is at the heart of our laser cutting machine. Their rigorous testing system proves a quality mindset.

WSX Fiber Laser Cutting Head

WSX Laser Head

WSX Laser upholds high efficiency in service and innovation in their business. It’s the reason they get to produce trusted laser-cutting heads.

Motovario Motoreducer

The production quality of mechanical and mechatronic components is unmatched as they utilize technologically advanced techniques that deliver results.

Yaskawa Servo Motor

Yaskawa Servo Motor

Quality servo machines move our laser-cutting machines with uncanny precision. And Yaskawa Electric’s digital data-driven production of servo machines is unmatched.

Operating System

Our laser-cutting machines are backed up by a trusted software developer. CypCut system simplifies solutions so you finish cutting jobs with a few touches of a button.

Why Choose Baison

Our robust and efficient laser-cutting machine is powered by the CypCut Operating System as the brains for the whole operation. The company makes top-of-the-line software that is able to simplify processes for complicated procedures. As a result, the entire process of drawing all the way to cutting with our machines can be done in done quickly and efficiently even by a beginner.

  • Automatic process correction and error optimization
  • Real-time statistics and production numbers display
  • Locate precise edges of cutting jobs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some common questions about fiber laser-cutting machines. Every order is a little different, so don’t hesitate to reach out with anything else you might be wondering.

Can we buy the cutting machine from your local dealers?

Yes, you can buy the laser cutting machine from our dealers. They can guide you in choosing the right machine for your business. The machine quality and the service you get will be the same. Reach out to us to get a dealer location near you now.

How long does it take to receive the machine after placing an order?

It takes about 25-45 days. As we balance quality over quantity – our production time is only 15 working days at most (customized solutions could take longer). Shipping is 30 days, depending on your delivery location.

Do you offer sample proofing and application evaluation services?

As a Baison customer, you can easily get an application evaluation or request a sample proofing service, and we’ll take care of the rest. All of these are free of charge.

What is the warranty for your Sheet Metal & Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

We’re proud to offer a 3-year warranty on all of our equipment. If you ever have an issue with one of your machines while it’s still under this coverage, don’t hesitate – just contact us for help!

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