Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Baison’s small tube laser cutter is ideal for first-time users or as a supplementary machine for developing new customers or markets, whether you want to insource quality, produce at short notice with more flexibility, or create new markets and customers.

Small Fiber Tube Laser Cutter Features

Small tube laser cutting machine with solid performance. With its advanced features, you can use them to increase your productivity and win more markets.

Super Processing Ability

Execute your exact design specifications precisely for standard or unique production requirements.


Slashes your maintenance fees almost to zero and operation costs by a significant margin.

Servo Follow-up Support

The servo follow-up support system will ensure the stability and precision of cutting.

Shorter Processing Time

Carry out a large number of inputs in a significantly shorter time without sacrificing any accuracy and precision.

Easy to Operate

Our sophisticated software inputs complicated data entry and commands into simple buttons.

IP5X Lightweight Chuck

The equipment is extremely resistant to dust and shavings and capable of functioning at peak capacity without any disturbances.

What Can The Small Tube Laser Cutter Be Used For?

The small tube laser cutter’s adaptability and wide range of features make it suitable for many applications, from the furniture industry to medical equipment manufacturing.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Fiber laser cutters cut up to 5x faster than conventional laser cutters with greater accuracy and precision. All while being easier to maintain(Half the operating costs). These numbers reveal the reason why.

Laser Power1500W-3000W1500W-3000W
Pipe Processing
φ10-120mm / □10-85mm
U-Steel5#-6.5# / Angle Iron30-60
φ10-120mm / □10-85mm
U-Steel5#-6.5# / Angle Iron30-60
Tail Length130mm130mm
Pipe Processing
Wall Thickness0.8-3mm0.8-5mm
Max Chuck Speed100r/min140r/min
Max Single Tube
Loading Weight

Quality Down to It’s Parts

We believe that a quality product boils down to the quality of its individual parts. That’s why our Laser Cutters are constructed of only the most powerful, resilient, and well-functioning parts

IPG Laser Source

IPG’s Lasers provide the Highest Total Power Output on the market with the widest beam mode range in an easily programmable multi-combination system.

Motovario Motoreducer

Designed to meet your particular production needs with minor servicing. These reducers provide your cutters with the highest lifespan/performance ratio in the most cost-effective way.

Ospri Laser Head

This head is designed to be lightweight, compact, and dustproof with a water-cooling feature. Able to channel up to 3000w, OSPRI Laser Heads are sharp, cost-effective, and resilient.

Yaskawa Servo Motor

Perform ultra-high speed and precise functions. Your laser cutter will perform at higher speeds than other cutters while maintaining the highest standard of precision.

Revolutionary Laser Cutting Software

All our laser cutters use TubePro, the latest in the tube and profile-cutting software. This software is the brain of the operations. Able to seamlessly integrate with other essential software such as Tubet, you will have access to the highest and fastest processing capabilities with our Small Tube Laser Cutters.

While easy to use, the TubePro software offers many functions that allow you and your team to execute complex designs optimized for precision and stability. Here are a few key features:

  • TubePro adopts a look-forward strategy to control the laser head up and down in corner turning by calculating the lifting path via tube file in advance.
  • Precision Corner Program, which includes gas pressure, laser peak power, and duty cycle, will improve and perfect corner production efficiency and quality.
  • Center Auto Finder: allows laser cutter to offset tube deviation from the rotational center for high-precision cutting.

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Add-on Loading Automation

Automated loading systems can automatically provide unprocessed material while you cut your work. Optimize your workflow to increase productivity. In addition, it can lower your operating costs by reducing the need for labor. And all these benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Loading Automation

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