Industrial Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

From poles to beams and everything in between, our fiber laser tube cutting machines at Baison expedite production, including loading, cutting, unloading, monitoring, and more.

Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Versatile Options for Every-Sized Operation

At Baison, we offer the best selection of fiber laser tube cutting machines with the customizations manufacturers depends on to optimize their production process.

Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Ideal for small-scale tubes and pipes in entry-level plants.
All-round Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Perfect for a wide breadth of lengths and diameters.
Heavy Duty Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Best for industrial manufacturers in need of large-scale cuts.

Looking for an Expert Opinion from Baison?

Whether you have a custom use case in mind or aren’t sure where to start, our fiber laser specialists at Baison are here to guide you in the right direction.

Discover the Full Power of Our Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machines

We offer the best tube laser cutting systems, alleviating manufacturing processes worldwide of costly bottlenecks through time-saving automation.

Cut Up to 500mm (19.69in) Diameters

From shipbuilding to oil and gas, our machines handle the heavy-duty dimensions you need.

Ultra-High Power

Making light work of everything from brass to galvanized steel.

Lightning Fast Cutting Speed

Fast cutting speed will boost your production pipeline with shorter part times.

Wide-Ranging Bevel Cuts

Achieve high-angle bevel cuts without slippage or inaccuracies.

Supporting Manufacturers in Every Industry

Pole, beam, tube, and pipe processing is essential for modern industry manufacturers. Our fiber laser tube cutting solutions are the preferred choice among top manufacturers.

Accelerated Output, One Tube at a Time

Trusted for producing the best fiber laser tube cutting machines for modern production operations, our team at Baison invites you to take an up-close look at our technology below.

Capable of cutting an eclectic blend of metals, our machines combine power with performance monitoring to ensure consistent quality, even for varying dimensions, angles, and metal types.

Whether you need precise round holes for a kitchen strainer or simple beam cuts for structural support, no shape is out of reach with our fiber laser tube cutting machines.

Why the Best Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machines Come from China

We understand firsthand that you have a choice when it comes to your laser cutting machine manufacture. Here’s why savvy manufacturing professionals choose Baison.

Door to Door Streamlined Logistics

Throughout our over 20 years of service, we have delivered fiber laser cutting machines around the world. We pride ourselves on streamlined logistics.

On-Premise Installations & Commissioning

When you order a laser tube cutting machine, we stay by your side while offering installation and commissioning services without disrupting your operations.

Systematic and Complete Training

To ensure that your team knows exactly how to use our machines, we carry out engaging trainings centered on actionable takeaways.

24/7 Engineer Online Technical Support

If any issues arise, you can take peace of mind knowing that our fiber laser tube cutting machine engineers are always here to support you.

Why Choose Baison?

Our team at Baison upholds our core values of quality, attentiveness, and customer service. When you purchase a fiber laser machine, you invest in more than technology alone.

Why Choose Baison

After serving over 100 countries and regions, Baison has gained a reputation as the one-stop shop for world-class fiber laser tube cutting solutions.

As an integral part of our success, our dealer network provides meticulous after-sales support, maximizing each investment’s value and ROI.

  • Local dealers are available worldwide.
  • A growing repertoire of over 300 patents
  • Over 50 committed R&D personnel

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Before investing in a fiber laser cutting machine, we encourage you to read the words of our global manufacturing partners.

"We have bought two laser tube cutting machines from Baison to help us produce furniture; their laser cutting machines are high-speed and accurate; I highly recommend Baison's laser machines!"
"I have to say that I am very satisfied with the laser tube cutting machine of Baison, as it is powerful and reliable; I will definitely buy laser tube cutting machine for my workshop again."
"I didn't know anything about laser machines before I met Baison. Their sales engineers are very patient in answering my questions and helping me select a laser machine that is most suitable for our needs. I highly recommend them."

Our Satisfied Clients:

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the questions from manufacturers worldwide, we have compiled a growing Q&A collection. Here’s what manufacturers want to know.

Does Baison include application evaluations free of charge?

Yes. Our application evaluation services are an excellent way to get a professional sales engineer’s opinion before purchasing. Submit your request here.

What is the maximum length and diameter your machines can handle?

For specifics, please read about our heavy-duty fiber laser tube cutting machine. Our support team is also available for custom requests.

Can I work with a local Baison dealer?

Yes. If you reach out with your manufacturing plant’s address, we can get back to you with contact information for a local dealer. From there, we ship our machines from China.

Will my fiber laser tube cutting machine include a warranty?

Yes. As part of your purchase, you can expect a 3-year warranty that covers remote support, on-site repairs, and part replacements if your machine breaks down. Our trusted engineers are here for you.

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