Celebrate Our 20th Anniversary with an Exclusive Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Promotion

Over the past two decades, Baison Laser has made impressive strides in the laser equipment industry, thanks to our outstanding technical expertise, superior product quality, and relentless spirit of innovation. Our products have been sold to numerous countries and regions worldwide, earning widespread acclaim and trust.

To commemorate this significant milestone, we are excited to introduce two new Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: the High-Speed Tube Laser Cutting Machine K12 and the Dual Platform Laser Cutting Machine CT3A. These Fiber Laser Cutting Machine not only uphold Baison Laser’s tradition of high quality and innovation but also achieve significant breakthroughs in performance.

The High-Speed Tube Laser Cutting Machine K12, with its ultra-fast cutting speed and precise cutting results, sets a new benchmark in the industry. Originally priced at $40,000, it is now available for only $22,000 during our anniversary carnival, allowing you to own this high-performance equipment at a highly competitive price.

The Dual Platform Laser Cutting Machine CT3A features a unique dual platform design that doubles work efficiency while maintaining excellent cutting quality. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, this machine is now $10,000 off, offering you an efficient and precise cutting experience with ease.

As a leading enterprise in the laser equipment industry, Baison Laser remains committed to the principles of “Innovation, Quality, and Service” and will continue to provide superior products and services to our global customers.

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