Heavy Industry & Transport Industry Fiber Laser Solutions

The transportation industry is a critical part of the economy, and Baison Laser machines are quickly becoming an essential element in this sector. By removing bottlenecks in the manufacturing process, our machines have helped to improve the efficacy of the transportation system. This has resulted in greater profits for industries that rely on this sector.

In addition, our technology has also contributed to the efficiency of the work cycle and has minimized losses. As a result, Baison Laser machines are playing an increasingly important role in the heavy industries and transportation sector.

Heavy Industry & Transport Industry Fiber Laser Solutions

Advantages of Fiber Laser Technology

Our fiber laser technology is changing the world by integrating into Heavy Industries and Transportation networks. We target the following vital factors for speedy growth. 

Exceptional Precision

Precision translates into efficiency, which helps the industry to grow its production rate. Our laser machines deliver extreme precision and accuracy.

High Reliability

We provide a long-term solution with low maintenance, which yields more significant profits. So investing in our machines is the right decision.


Automation is a necessary part of modern manufacturing processes, and our laser machines are equipped with the right technology to support them.

Applications in Heavy Industry & Transport Industry

Heavy industries include modern manufacturing units such as railways, shipbuilding, automotive, and aerospace industries. Here is how fiber laser improves traditional processes.

laser cutting metal

Laser Cutting Applications

Heavy industries have gigantic production rates. Mostly steel, aluminum, brass, and other alloys are used to make the parts. High-powered Laser cutting makes steel cutting extremely efficient. It can cater to intricate designs without material wastage. 

Laser Welding Applications

Laser welding in ship, car and aircraft manufacturing is replacing traditional processes at a fast pace. Fiber lasers allow larger material compatibility, higher weld quality, and greater room for automation. It also takes fewer hours to master and is much safer.

laser welding
Fiber Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning Applications

Laser cleaning is the most efficient option, whether cleaning large turbines or removing rust from a ship hull. It produces less toxic debris and has vast applications for various industries. 

Laser Marking Applications

Laser marking is making transportation and distribution much more efficient. The engraving is permanent and much faster than traditional methods. This makes products more accessible to label and sort.

Laser Marking

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