Shipbuilding Industry Fiber Laser Solutions

Basion laser machines are critical for ship manufacturing in modern times. The marine industry has a huge market as nearly all of the world’s goods are transported by ships. It involves steel processing, welding,  pipe cutting, fitting, and electronic integrations, all requiring high precision and expertise.

Adopting laser technology is pivotal for its continued success, and Baison lasers provide just that. From humongous ship containers to luxurious yachts, laser technology helps make production much more efficient. We provide laser solutions to shipyards looking to enhance their production rate. 

Shipbuilding Industry Fiber Laser Solutions

Advantages of Fiber Laser Technology

Laser technology is advancing rapidly, making it a much more profitable investment. It’s especially beneficial for industries that primarily work with steel and aluminum plates, such as shipbuilding. 

Fast and Reliable

Fiber lasers are 10x faster than traditional machines. They are numerically controlled and produce precise results.


Amazingly fiber lasers can adapt to almost any environment and application. They are easy to transport and require less handling.


Fiber lasers make everything much more efficient by introducing automation. The production rates reach even higher.

Fiber Laser Applications in Shipbuilding Industry

Fiber lasers are naturally integrated into the shipbuilding process because they primarily require cutting and welding metal plates. Many shipyards around the world are shifting to laser technology. 

laser cutting metal

Laser Cutting Applications

Ship hull is made of thin and thick steel plates. Fiber laser cutting is an excellent choice for processing such bulk material. Typically plasma cutting is used, but it affects the material integrity. Hence, lasers are a better solution.

Laser Welding Applications

Entire ship blocks are joined by welding. Though traditional processes like GMAW and TIG are still relevant, laser welding quickly joins the ranks. Fiber lasers produce better welding seams and lesser distortions. 

laser welding
Fiber Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning Applications

Rust and corrosion are common in shipyards because the material is exposed to sea moisture. Laser cleaning helps clean the metal plates for better processing. It even helps remove the old paint and prepare the part for new treatment. 

Laser Marking Applications

Since a ship block has thousands of components, everything needs to be labeled and documented. Laser marking gives a permanent and durable solution to this problem.

Laser Marking

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