Multi-Function Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Our multi-function fiber laser cutting machines cut through tubes and sheet metal with uncompromising precision for complex industries, including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, and beyond.

Multi-Function Fiber Laser Cutting Machines cut sheet metal

Select the Optimal Capacity for Your Manufacturing Needs

With two premier options, our multi-function cutting machines support the capacity you need in our compact, floor space-friendly designs.

Single Platform Open Sheet Metal & Tube Laser Cutting Machine
An excellent selection for low-output manufacturers with limited floor space.
Dual Platforms Full Enclosed Sheet Metal & Tube Laser Cutting Machine
A strategic choice for high-output manufacturers looking to simultaneously load and cut materials.

Ask Our Seasoned Fiber Laser Specialists

When you reach out to our fiber laser specialists at Baison, we can help you make the right decision for your operations.

Two Core Capabilities. Limitless ROI Potential.

By centralizing your tube and sheet metal cutting processes into one place, our multi-function fiber laser cutting machines take your productivity higher than disjointed solutions.

Dual Functionalities

Cutting through a wide array of tubes and sheet metals with a cost-conscious solution.

Expedited Part Times

Reclaiming invaluable time to your production process through fast cutting speeds.

Proper Cutting Processes

Using the right cutting heads and techniques for the dimensions and structure of your materials.

Precise Bevel Angles

Achieving the angled cuts you need with pristine edges.

The Single Source Solution for Multiple Industries

No other solution has the versatility and cross-industry applicability as our multi-function fiber laser cutting machine. Here are just a few of the industries we support.

A Hallmark of Laser Cutting Innovation

Teeming with time-saving automation, dynamic cutting methods, advanced system monitoring, and much more, our multi-function laser machines are a new era of machining efficiency.

On top of the dual-cutting capabilities of each machine, our multi-function fiber laser cutting machines handle a myriad of material types.

No two manufacturing floors are exactly alike. Our multi-function fiber laser cutting solution is a one-stop shop, no matter what shapes, angles, patterns, and edges you need.

Import Laser Machine from China is Easy

Adept with logistics across borders and oceans, our Baison team can get the best fiber laser cutter on your manufacturing floor as quickly as a month.

Perfectly-Executed Logistics

For a flawless logistics process, we lean on our experience sending our fiber laser cutting machines to over 100 countries and regions.

Installations & Commissioning

While you continue business as usual, our installation and commissioning experts will come to your premises, setting your manufacturing operations up for success.

Hands-On Training Pipelines

Although our fiber laser cutting machines are easy to use, we still include comprehensive training to help you get the highest value possible.

24/7 Engineer Helpline

When you order a fiber laser cutting machine from Baison, help is within easy reach, even during the night shift. Our engineers will always be online for you.

How Baison Goes Above and Beyond

Finding the best tube & sheet metal laser cutting machines is as much about the underlying technology as it is about the team behind it. That’s where Baison excels.

Why Choose Baison

Our team of over 500 professionals includes R&D experts with an affinity for customization. No matter what your manufacturing needs are, we transform ideas into action.

We understand that the reason for your laser cutting machine purchase is the value added to your operations. Here’s the foundation enabling us to exceed your expectations.

  • Over two decades of tried-and-true results
  • Satisfied manufacturers in over 100 countries and regions
  • Specialized local dealers in your area

Reviews from Our Customers

After dramatically improving their output with our multi-function fiber laser cutters, here’s what industry-leading manufacturers are writing.

"Baison is the most serious Chinese manufacturer I have ever met. The quality of their products is very stable, and the machines we bought from them 5 years ago are still generating revenue for us, plus their after-sales service is excellent. They always solve our queries promptly."
Purchasing Manager
"Baison's multifunctional laser cutting machine is amazing. One machine can cut tubes and plates, saving us space and machine purchase costs. The cutting speed and quality are also excellent, and we are delighted. We will buy from them again for sure when needed."
"We recently purchased a 4000W multifunctional fiber laser cutter from Baison to replace our CO2 cutter. This machine has better cutting speed and accuracy than the CO2 machine, and the cutting cost is lower, which makes us more competitive in the market. Highly recommended!"

Our Happy Clients:

Frequently Asked Questions

At Baison, we receive questions from manufacturers across every industry. Below are some common questions for your reference.

Should I choose a fiber laser or CO2 laser cutting solution?

Fiber laser cutting solutions are safer, faster, and more accurate than CO2 laser cutting solutions. The result is greater overall productivity.

After placing an order, how long will my machine take to arrive?

Our production process ranges from 10 to 15 days or longer for custom orders. Likewise, our shipping timelines range from 15 to 30 days. Overall, we expect a 25 to 45-day turnaround time.

What if we need recommendations for our machine selection?

Our specialized support team at Baison is happy to provide application evaluations, ensuring that you select the proper fiber laser cutting systems for your needs.

Is a warranty included as part of my purchase?

Yes. Our 3-year warranty covers your fiber laser cutting machine. We have remote support, on-site repairs, and part replacements should your machine break down.

Our Baison Team is Ready When You Are

When you’re ready to take the next step toward ordering a world-class multi-function fiber laser cutting solution, we invite you to reach out for a complimentary quote. Dealers can also contact us regarding local opportunities with Baison.

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