Ultra-Efficient Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

When you need 2D cutting power that goes beyond what’s possible with CO2 lasers, our Baison sheet metal fiber laser cutting machines offer best-in-class performance.

fiber laser machine cut metal sheet

Supporting Compact and Large-Scale Manufacturing Operations Alike

No manufacturing demand is too large or small for Baison. Explore our trio of sheet metal laser cutting machines below, and be sure to reach out if you have a custom use case.

Entry-level Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
The right fit for small and thin metal sheets for consumer appliances and more.
Superior Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Suitable for the majority of sheet metal sizes and thicknesses across industries.
High Power Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Geared for cutting through large, thick metal sheets where high power is critical.

Not Sure Which Laser Cutter is Right for You?

With your unique manufacturing needs at heart, our specialists can help you select the best sheet metal laser cutting system.

What Makes Our Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machines a Cut Above

Trusted worldwide for our top-of-the-line sheet metal fiber laser cutter, Baison brings manufacturing excellence to our entire collection.

Hyper-Fast Production

Delivering power and precision for consistently rapid cutting.

Exceptional Process Reliability

Offering unparalleled consistency that avoids damage and deviations.

Flexible Bevel Operations

Conducting chamfering and countersinking for smoother cuts.

User-Friendly Design

Empowering your team to leverage the full capability of your machine.

A Must-Have for Every Sheet Metal-Dependent Industry

From internal vehicle components to electronics, sheet metal is the backbone of modern infrastructure, products, and innovations. Baison proudly delivers machines across every industry.

Where Data and Dependability Meet

With advanced, data-driven controls, our sheet metal fiber laser cutting solutions offer measurable quality that you can see. Here’s a firsthand look at what we mean.

Before ordering a sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine, you need to know that it can handle the full breadth of your specifications. Here are some of the common metals our machines cut.

China is the Premier Choice for Laser Machines

Unsure what logistics and delivery processes will look like for your machine order? With Baison’s 20+ year track record, you can rest easy while we handle the leg work.

Logistics with Every Detail Considered

We exclusively use vetted shipping and delivery channels to ensure the most cost-effective and timely logistics process possible.

Installations & Commissioning

We specialize in white glove installations and commissioning, guaranteeing that your sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine is ready immediately.

Personalized Training Sessions

With easily adjustable components, versatile accessories, camera systems, and more, we back up our wide-ranging capabilities with world-class training for your workforce.

24/7 Engineer Support Availability

While you can’t control when pressing questions to arise, you can take comfort in knowing that our engineers are available 24/7 to help you.

What Makes Baison Different?

At Baison, we are more than a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer. We are a holistic ecosystem of innovators and visionaries committed to R&D for the next era of solutions.

Why Choose Baison

Even with 50,000m² of manufacturing space, our Baison team still places uncompromising attention-to-detail on each individual sheet metal fiber laser cutter machine.

From our fabrication facility to the showroom, we transform design ideas into completed, fully-functional machines that bring tangible improvements to your workflow and bottom line.

  • Forward-leaning R&D for custom results
  • 20+ years of leading quality
  • A global support network of dealers

Read What Other Manufacturers are Saying

Our loyal manufacturer base can attest to the reliability, precision, and productivity of our sheet metal fiber laser cutting solutions. See for yourself below.

"We have been using Baison's laser plate cutter to produce our elevator products. Even for very thick metal plates, their laser cutter can cut very precisely, which makes our elevator products safer and more reliable, and I highly recommend their laser cutting products."
"We are an ATM manufacturer based in Germany, and we use Baison's cutting machines to help us process the metal housings of our ATMs. Their machines are of consistent quality and have worked well for the past three years without any problems. Highly recommended."
"We use Baison's high-power laser plate cutter to process our safe box products; even the 80mm steel plates are easily cut by their machine, we are very satisfied with the cutting quality and cutting speed, and we are considering buying another one from them."
John Doe

Our Happy Clients:

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are a natural part of any manufacturing investment. Below, we have included some of the most common questions we are asked.

Do you offer bulk discounts for purchasing multiple machines?

Yes. For specifics, we encourage you to reach out to our sales engineers. From there, we can determine how much you could save. Contact Baison now!

What are your average order turnaround times?

Between our 10 to 15-day production and 15 to 30-day shipping timelines, we average anywhere from 25 to 45 days for your machine to arrive. Anticipate extra time for custom orders.

Can you provide a machine recommendation for our specific application?

Yes. As part of our transparent approach, we send complimentary sample proofing and application evaluations. Reach out to our Baison team for more.

Do Baison sheet metal fiber laser cutting machines come with warranties?

Yes. Our 3-year warranty will cover machine breakdowns. To remediate these, we offer remote support, on-site repairs, and part replacements.

Learn What Baison Can Do for You

Time and time again, we have watched as our manufacturing customers rise to the forefront of their industries. Discover how our sheet metal fiber laser cutting solutions can take you further.

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