17 Must Try Laser Cutting Projects

Best Laser Cutting Projects
Explore 17 must-try laser cutting projects and unlock your creativity! From home décor to personalized gifts, find inspiration and start crafting now!

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The creative and earning opportunities multiply with the rising popularity of laser cutters and engravers. Laser cutting is changing DIY and arts for everyone, from beginners to pros.

According to Future Market Insights (FMI), the worldwide market for laser cutting machines is expected to grow steadily, reaching around US$ 6,635.90 million by 2034. In this article, we’ll look at 17 must-try laser-cutting projects. Let’s get started!

1. Acrylic Keychains

Make your personalized acrylic keychains using a laser cutter. Choose your laser-cut design, whether a name, initials or something special to you. The laser cutter will cut the acrylic into your desired shape and then engrave your design onto it.

You can pick from various colors and finishes to make it truly unique. These keychains are perfect for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any other occasion you want to celebrate. They’re simple to make and a great gift idea!

2 beautiful white colored acrylic keychains.

2. Leather Wallets

You can add detailed patterns and designs onto the leather using laser cutting technology, turning a basic wallet into artwork. Trying out different types of leather and colors allows for creating unique textures and looks.

You can personalize the wallet using laser engraving, making it easier for its owner to identify and add more security. It will surely boost your laser engraving business.

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3. Laser-cut Signs

According to Forbes, the versatility of laser cutting and engraving makes it a perfect choice for sleek and modern design. Whether it’s layering painted plywood, creating a shadow box style from anodized aluminum, or crafting a sleek silhouette from powder-coated steel, the possibilities are endless.

You can refer to this article about the detailed operation of laser cutting labels.

4. Puzzle Boxes

Complex puzzle boxes are impressive and offer hours of fun. Laser cutting makes it easy to cut and engrave precisely, ideal for crafting pieces that fit together with hidden compartments or secret mechanisms. You can also create a unique laser-cut toy with this technology.

A Puzzle Box made using laser cutting.

The wooden pieces are laser-cut to fit snugly together, forming a strong puzzle box you can proudly showcase. Whether you love puzzles or want to explore your creativity, designing and cutting these puzzle boxes is a satisfying experience. Add your touch to customize them and see how they become the perfect sturdy and durable puzzle. 

5. Personalized Wooden Coasters

Personalized wooden coasters are like little mats for your cups and mugs. You can add your initials, names, or designs with laser cutting and engraving to make them unique. Choose wood like maple or walnut for a smooth finish.

Try out different settings to get the look you like best. Whether you’re making them for yourself or as a sweet gift, these custom wooden coasters are sure to make people smile. They also add a personal touch to your home. So, get your laser cutters ready, and let’s make these ordinary coasters into something extraordinary for your living space!

Now you might be wondering how to pick the best laser cutter for your wood. We’ve also got you covered with a guide to fire prevention when cutting wood.

2 cups of coffee with wooden coasters, which are made by laser cutter.

6. Decorative Lampshades

Brighten up your room with custom laser-cut lampshades that display beautiful patterns and designs. If you like simple shapes or detailed patterns, laser cutting and engraving lets you create exactly what you want accurately and precisely.

Try different materials like wood, acrylic, or paper to create other lighting effects and moods. These personalized lampshades improve your space and show off your creativity and style. 

7. Wood Paint Brush Holder

If you’re painting a lot, you’ll need a paintbrush holder. A laser-cut wood paint brush holder has layers with holes for your brushes. You can make it however you like. Remember to measure your brushes to fit the holes. It keeps brushes organized and makes them easy to carry.

8. Polyhedral Dice

The dice are made precisely using a laser cutter, offering an engaging game where players roll and plan based on various results. It brings fun to tabletop games and helps teachers explain probability. Kids can use them to run experiments, study data, and learn about independent events and permutations.

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9. Wall Art

Wall art is a trendy laser cutter project. Transform your plain walls into a personalized art gallery with laser-cut wall decor. With laser cutting, you have endless options for customizing your wall art, from intricate mandalas to bold geometric designs

Made from top-notch plywood, the laser-cut wall art is built to last, resisting fading and wear. Mix different materials and colors to add depth and dimension to your creations.

Laser cut metal wall art.

10. Acrylic Earrings

Show off your style with laser-cut acrylic earrings that reflect your uniqueness. Play with different shapes, colors, and patterns to create attention-grabbing laser-cut designs. You can add complex details to your personalized jewelry with laser cutting and engraving.

They’re super light, so you can wear them comfortably all day, and they match with anything because of their neutral color. Experiment with various designs to find what suits you best, and enjoy creating your own stylish accessories.

11. Custom Phone Cases

Give your smartphone a new look with custom laser-cut phone cases that match your style perfectly. A leather phone case is a practical item that people use daily. You can create detailed designs with laser engraving, and it’s a unique and personalized gift.

No matter, if you like simple and smooth designs or colorful and fun patterns, laser cutting and engraving, lets you create unique cases that stand out. Try materials like wood, acrylic, or leather to get your desired look and feel. It’s easy to snap on and off, which is convenient.

Unique cell phone cases made by laser cutting

12. Wood Cat/Dog Bowl Stand

Introduce a touch of modern style to your pet’s feeding spot with this sleek and practical laser-cut wood bowl stand for cats or dogs. Crafted from top-notch birch plywood, it’s sturdy and easy to assemble.

Its contemporary design features smooth, curved edges and intricate patterns created through laser cutting, giving it a unique artistic flair. Not only does this look great, but it’s also built to last, ensuring it’s a valuable addition to any pet-loving household.

13. Wood Jewelry Hanger

Wooden jewelry hangers are perfect for keeping and showing off your favorite jewelry. It’s made of strong plywood and cut with a laser for a precise finish. With spaces for necklaces, earrings, and more, plus a sturdy base for easy desk placement, it adds style to any bedroom or dressing area. The jewelry holder features multiple slots.

Wooden jewelry box perfectly engraved with laser cutter.

14. Engrave Your Clothes

Try laser engraving to personalize your clothes! It’s the best unique and stylish way to add designs or logos to t-shirts and jeans.

Unlike screen printing, it’s budget-friendly and durable. You can even engrave images on jeans and leather without damaging them with precise laser-cutting settings. Just be careful with the power settings to avoid unexpected holes!

15. Custom Boxes of All Shapes and Sizes

Want to make a cool box with a laser cutter? You don’t need to be a professional designer. This is perfect for beginners or anyone who wants a quick project.

Just use a laser engraver and an online box maker. This tool saves tons of time. Just pick the type of box you want (like square or rectangle), click “generate,” and boom – your box is ready to go in any size you need.

16. Laser Cut Fruit Bowl Project

Fruit bowls can be unique and creative. Instead of the usual style, you can make one shaped like tentacles. This laser-cut design has curved wooden pieces spaced evenly, creating a bowl without solid sides.

Laser Cut Fruit Bowl.

Start with a simple base in the center and attach the curved slates. Then, your fruit sits inside, becoming the main focus. You can even add some paint to make the bowl look more attractive.

17. Decorative Acrylic Wall Clock

A wall art clock crafted with laser cutting is a chic addition to any cat enthusiast’s home. Its sleek black and yellow laser cut design boasts a modern, minimalist style, while the precision of laser cutting adds intricate detail. It’s stylish and functional, constructed from top-notch acrylic and powered by a quartz clock mechanism.

This clock showcases the versatility of laser cutting, illustrating how it can produce distinctive and customized pieces tailored to individual tastes.

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Materials Suitable for Laser Cutting Projects

Laser cutting is popular because it can cut many materials like paper, wood, acrylic, and metals. Let’s talk about the suitable material for laser cutting projects. 

1. Wood

Wood is perfect for laser cutting because it’s easy to handle and gives off a cozy, rustic vibe. You’ve got many choices like plywood, solid and versatile; MDF, smooth and easy to paint; and different hardwoods, such as oak and maple, add a touch of elegance to your projects. Remember, oils or resin can easily catch fire, so be cautious.

2. Acrylic 

Acrylic comes in many colors and can be see-through. This makes it good for creating bright and transparent designs that stand out.       

Laser cut acrylic sheet.

3. Leather

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your project, leather is the way to go. It’s known for its soft feel and can be cut and laser engraved with intricate designs, adding a classy touch to any creation.

4. Metal

Stainless steel and aluminum are strong, durable materials perfect for tough projects. They give a sleek finish and can easily handle industrial applications, ensuring your creations last a long time.

Laser cut metal sheet.

5. Cardboard and Paper

Cardboard and paper are lightweight, cheap, and easy to work with, making them ideal for testing out new ideas or creating delicate designs.

6. Foam, Fabric, and Glass

These materials offer endless possibilities for special projects, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re looking for something soft and squishy, like foam, or elegant and shiny, like glass, there’s a material out there to suit your needs.

How to Choose a Laser Cutter for Your Project?

Laser-cutting machines offer new processes and technologies, allowing businesses to offer more products and keep up with competitors. Here are some things to think about before getting a laser cutter:

1. Material Compatibility

Make sure the machine can handle the materials and thicknesses you need for your work.

2. Laser Performance

Consider how fast, accurate, and robust the laser needs to be for your specific jobs.

3. Software Features

Look at how easy the control panel is to use and if the software can import files, detect faults, and archive jobs efficiently.

LaserGRBL -- One of the best laser cutting software.

4. Production Capacity

Choose a machine that can handle the size and volume of projects your business handles, including bed size, pallet changers, and automated handling systems.

5. Safety Features

Ensure the machine has features like interlocks, sensors, and fume extractors to keep your workers safe.

6. Budget Alignment

Set a budget that matches your needs to avoid overspending or getting a machine that can’t do what you need. A suitable laser cutter can make your cutting processes more efficient and reduce work stress.

You may want to know the cost of laser cutting the entire process.

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1. What Materials Should I Avoid Cutting with Laser Cutters?

Don’t cut PVC or other plastics with laser cutters because they can make dangerous fumes when heated, which could harm you. Stay safe by avoiding these materials.

2. How Thick of Material Can a Laser Cutter Handle?

The maximum thickness of material that a laser cutter can handle depends on the power of the laser and the type of material. Generally, most laser cutters can take materials up to several inches thick, but specifics vary.

3. How Can I Ensure Precise Cuts with a Laser Cutter?

Get accurate cuts with a laser cutter by using easy design software, adjusting laser settings for the material, making sure it’s focused and lined up right, and keeping the machine clean and working well.


Laser cutting is more than just a tool; it is an entrance to expressing creativity. These arts and crafts provide an empty surface for your ideas to grow, from manufacturing laser-cut toys and customized coasters to creating challenging puzzles. With so many materials at your fingertips (wood, plastic, leather, and more), creativity is the only limitation.

When selecting a laser cutter, consider variables such as the materials it can deal with and the precision it provides so that your projects turn out perfectly. Brands such as Baison supply high-quality equipment, making your entry into laser cutting less difficult. 

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