9 Best Laser Cutting Head Manufacturers in the World 

laser cutting head
This list of top laser-cutting head manufacturers worldwide is based on estimated market share, product quality, customer service, and prices. 

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Laser-cutting machines are, without doubt leading the manufacturing industry. However,  its purchasing cost and maintenance are still relatively expensive.

Whether you’re part of a laser machine manufacturing company or just looking for spare parts for your existing machine, getting the right tool is critical for your business. Unfortunately, the details about the right laser beam tool manufacturer are lacking on the internet. 

But don’t worry! We’ve gathered all the details about the best laser-cutting head manufacturers in the world so that you can get high-quality spare parts for your machines.

Let’s dive into it. 

Importance of Finding the Right Laser Cutting Head

laser cutting head

If you’re reading this, you probably know how critical it is to find the right laser-cutting head for the machine. But here are some more pointers to help you make a better decision. 

 Laser cutting heads are the most critical portion of any laser machine. No matter what the laser source is, fiber optics, CO2, or YAG, the final cut depends on the quality of the laser head.

 Laser cutting heads control cutting precision, speed, material versatility, and automation of the whole process.

 In other words, the profits for your laser cutting business and the future of the manufacturing process entirely rely on the laser cutting head. 

 Laser cutting heads have intricate parts such as microcontrollers, sensors, lenses, nozzles, and the outer casing. The quality of each part plays a role in the final cutting efficiency.  So, finding the right manufacturer is empirical to get the right product. 

 Here are some main points to look out for when purchasing the laser cutting head for your machine. 

 If you are looking for replacement tools, make sure to find the right refurbished or new laser-cutting head compatible with your laser-cutting machine.  

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How We Ranked the Laser-Cutting Head Manufacturers? 

Here we have listed the top laser-cutting head manufacturers and their details. They are ranked based on market shares, product variety, quality, and estimated revenues

Position Brand Name Company NameYear Established LocationEmployees Website
1LT Ultra LT Ultra-Precision Technology GmbH 1995Germany 100-500 LT Ultra
2PrecitecPrecitec GmbH & Co. KG1971Neu-Isenburg, Germany501-1000Precitec
3Laser MechanismsLaser Mechanisms, Inc.1980Novi, Michigan, USA51-200Laser Mechanisms
4CoherentCoherent, Inc.1966Santa Clara, California, USA5000+Coherent
5IPG PhotonicsIPG Photonics Corporation1990Oxford, Massachusetts, USA1000IPG Photonics
6BodorJinan Bodor CNC Machine Co., Ltd2008China500+Bodor
7Han's LaserHan's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.1996Shenzhen, China10,000Han's Laser
8Arnezeder Arnezeder GmbH2000’sAustria200+Arnezeder
9LaserfactLaserfact GmbH2000’sGermany200+Laserfact

Now, we are going to briefly introduce each company. Here you’ll get to know all the brands’ main advantages and unique selling points, along with the cons to look out for.  

1. LT Ultra

LT Ultra-Precision Technology GmbH

LT Ultra is a German brand leading in manufacturing fiber laser machines and their accessories. Since its establishment in 1995, it has penetrated the local and international markets due to phenomenal product quality and competitive rates. 

The brand also claims to pioneer ultra-precision technology, making it a major player laser industry.  

Their accessories are known for premium quality optics, controls, and precision, resulting in better performance. 

LT Ultra’s catalog includes 2D solid state, 2D CO2, and 3D laser heads for high- and low-speed manufacturing processes.

These products have lightweight, slim designs and are equipped with top-notch lenses, making them great for precision and focus.

Another advantage of LT Ultra laser heads is their compatibility with various laser sources. Making them a versatile and flexible option for diverse industrial applications. 

Moreover, the brand also provides online after-sales services to its customers. 


  • High-quality and durable products 
  • Large variety


 No major disadvantage 

2. Precitec

Precitec GmbH & Co. KG

Next up is another German brand that produces high-quality fiber laser machinery and its parts. Founded in 1971, the company has made a name for itself regarding durability and precision. 

Precitec offers a vast range of laser heads for numerous types of laser machines. Some products include medium power range laser heads, 2D heavy-duty laser heads for demanding processes, automated 2D cutter heads for up to 40 kW, complex 3D cutting heads, and so on. 

Precitec products are highly precise, durable, and dynamic, which results in increased productivity and profits. These parts can easily cut thin or thick materials, and the edges are burr-free

Moreover, these laser heads have great sensors, which is good for automation and control. Even at high speeds, the chances of error are slim. 

Precitec also offers customer training, repair, maintenance, and online support to its customers. 


  • High Variety
  • Precision and Control
  • Automation 


  • Relatively expensive

3. Laser Mechanisms

Laser Mechanisms, Inc.

In the third position, we have Laser Mechanisms, which is headquartered in Michigan, USA.

Established in 1980, the company made a name for itself in manufacturing and selling spare parts for laser equipment

Laser Mechanisms has a large catalog of products. The company sells laser heads for cutting, welding, drilling, micromachining, additive manufacturing, heat treating, marking, and diagnostics. 

These laser cutting heads are available in various options and are also customizable to your projects which is pretty decent. 

The company’s top priority is research and development, which is apparent in its innovative cartridge-style lens holder.

This makes replacing lenses in laser cutting heads a piece of cake. Moreover, this design lets you easily adjust the focal length for different applications.

These products are equally compatible with flatbed and robot laser-cutting machines. Laser Mechanisms also offer exciting after-sales services to its customers. 


  • Innovative designs
  • Custom solutions
  • A vast range of options


Limited availability in some regions

4. Coherent

Coherent, Inc.

Coherent Corp. (II-VI Incorporated) is an American giant with a large share in the laser processing industry.

Established in 1966,  it has grown into an innovation-driven company that manufactures premium products.

Recently, the brand has absorbed laser tool manufacturers like Rofin-Sina, further expanding its portfolio. 

Coherent produces many products, such as laser cutting heads, laser welding and brazing heads, beam delivery, and vision systems

 BIMO-FSC3 series fiber laser cutting machine heads are their featured product. They come in various laser power ratings and numerical aperture options targeting various applications. These laser heads are compatible with 2D and 3D laser cutting

 Furthermore, the design is so convenient that it significantly reduces maintenance downtime. They offer fast, reliable, and burr-free laser cutting, even with large workpiece shape and thickness variations. 

 Coherent Labs is the main R&D department where new and innovative laser beam tools are developed under the supervision of exceptional talent across the globe. 

The company also offers pre and after-sales solutions like technical support, training, service programs, calibration, and repair. All of their operations are run by a team of 5000+ employees, ensuring timely delivery and assistance to customers worldwide.


  • Efficient and high-quality 
  • Innovative and lightweight design


  • Relatively expensive

5. IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics Corporation

IPG Photonics is a US-based company that manufactures laser cutting machines and laser welders.

 They offer industrial laser solutions for many different applications. IPG also develops numerous beam delivery products like laser heads, scanning heads, process monitoring, collimators, and related components. 

Basically, the company deals in all the parts critical for operating efficient laser-cutting machines. The laser cutting heads are compatible with fiber, CO2, and YAG laser sources. They’re fitted with intricate scanners enhancing their performance and efficiency.  

IPG laser processing heads are suitable for laser cutting, welding, and surface treatment of a variety of materials. The brand currently has four laser cutting heads, each suitable for a particular application. 

IPG laser cutting heads can achieve higher speeds without compromising on the cut quality. The company is a good option if you want different types of laser machine components in one place. 


  • One-stop shop for a variety of products
  • Durable and precise
  • High-quality cuts


  • Limited product customization

6. Bodor

Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co., Ltd

Jinan Bodor is a Chinese brand that mainly manufactures fiber laser machines and accessories. It’s one of the leading brands in Asia and is known for quality products at affordable prices. 

Bodor Genius- Auto focus laser heads are the series of components that the company has to offer. It features the latest focusing technology with an adjustable focal length for demanding applications. 

The process is automatic, as the sensor detects all the necessary parameters

So much so that there is no user input required. This reduces the risk of human error and results in greater cutting accuracy. 

Bodor technology also makes the process smoother and more stable so that the perforation process doesn’t cause any damage to the cuts. 

The company has a quality R&D program, and all its products go through a rigorous testing program that ensures high quality. 


  • Simple yet effective design
  • Precision and stability 


  • Limited product variety
  • Limited customization option

7. Han’s Laser

Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Han’s Laser is a leading Chinese brand when it comes to quality laser machine components and laser cutting technology.  They offer laser cutting heads compatible with fiber and CO2 laser cutting machines and a customization option for special projects. 

The company offers high-quality 2D smart laser cutting heads in five different variants. The options vary from simple manual operation to fully automated laser cutting heads with integrated sensors and real-time control.

However, there aren’t any products for 3D and multi-axis laser cutting machines

Han’s Laser has an incredible R&D team and has collaborated with research institutes across China. This level of focus on innovation made products efficient, lightweight, and cost-effective compared to other brands in the laser market. 

Moreover, you’ll get helpful pre-sales and after-sales services with every purchase. 


  • Innovative designs 
  • Superior quality 
  • Less costly 


  • Limited product variety 

8. Arnezeder

Arnezeder GmbH

Arenzedar is a small Austrian-based company that manufactures and sells many laser machine components. Even though their setup is small compared to other companies on our list, they still manage to deliver high-quality products. 

Arenzedar sells laser cutting heads compatible with Trumpf and Precitec laser cutting machines.

These cutters also work with machines with other similar designs, but you need to get the details prior to purchasing to avoid fitting issues. Most of these laser cutters are refurbished but are still in great shape. 

The brand offers competitive prices on all its products and is suitable for low-budget projects. They also handle after-sales service requests for their clients. 


  • Affordable rates


  • Limited products 
  • Limited availability in some regions. 

9. Laserfact 

Laserfact GmbH

Laserfact GmbH is a German laser beam tool manufacturer and supplier. The company’s main products are laser-cutting head processors that are compatible with many standard laser machines in the industry.

It has an intelligent nozzle design that ensures high quality and precise cutting of thin material. 

They are available with retrofit kits which makes installation and maintenance way easier. Moreover, the brand also provides product evaluation assistance to its client. 


  • High-quality products 
  • Precise and durable 


  • Limited supply in some regions 
  • Poor product catalog

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Concluding Remarks 

Once you skim through this list, you’ll get a pretty good idea of the laser tool industry and who are the major players in the market. 

Each company has its own forte, and you must be careful when choosing the right vendor. The best way is to communicate with the company properly and share your project needs so that you get a compatible laser-cutting head for your machine. 

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