How to Start a Laser Welding Business? The Definitive Guide

laser welding business
Laser welding has become very lucrative in recent years. Here are some step-by-step tips for you if you want to start your own laser welding business.

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Are you thinking about starting your own business with laser welding? On the mechanical side of things, laser welding is becoming popular day by day with new technology and cutting-edge techniques.

If you want to start a laser welding business, then this post will help you learn about all the how-to’s and tips to make sure you embark on the journey with a complete and helpful guide. If starting a welding business by yourself is your end goal, there are some technical things that you need to understand.

Welding on metal parts

What is Laser Welding?

Like any other welding, laser welding is a process by which metals or thermoplastic materials are fused together, and here, the element used to do the fusing is a beam of laser light. The high-powered and focused laser heats the fusible parts of the metal and melts the edges of the pieces you want to fuse together. And after the metal is cooled, the pieces get attached together.

Laser welding has become an irreplaceable part of manufacturing in most industrial settings. It is used in a lot of different mechanical works because of its precision and the quality of the end product. The laser torch, which can be mounted on the laser welding machines or handheld, can be used to control the laser beam perfectly to get the best precision work, causing the end product to be perfectly well-mended.

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Solving Needs and Challenges with Laser Welding

Laser welding is a process that is quite versatile. Different industries use this process for different aspects of their functions. You can use the laser welding process to weld seam attachments, join metal sheets, and do more precision work in the electronics industry.

There are various methods, such as pulse laser welding method and laser conduction welding method, etc., that can be used to complete different tasks. The laser welding system has been used for a variety of different purposes.

1. The Need for Fast and Flexible Output

You can use laser welding when the job needs to be speedy and flexible. Thin-section materials can be welded at high rates of speed, depending on the type and power of the laser being utilized. Therefore, lasers are perfect for use in highly automated situations with great productivity.

Productivity advantages are also possible for thicker sections since the laser can complete the job in a single pass. Laser welding is almost always carried out as an automated process.

2. The Need to Work with a Vast Array of Materials

As thermoplastic materials can easily be melted with heat, they can be welded with a least welder.

Apart from various metals like steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, nickel, and their respective alloys, lasers can also be used to weld or join a diverse range of materials. These include not only metallic substances but also non-metallic ones, such as joining glass to metal. The vast range of materials makes laser welding even more lucrative.

During the welding process

3. When You Need a Focused But Low Heat Method

The laser beams used in laser welding have a high-powered and focused density, making the energy pointed in a specific area. This can create a small, deep hole in the material surface within seconds. The amount of heat-affected zone is very small because of the precision of the laser beam.

For that reason, the surrounding area does not get the chance to get heated and not expanded and so almost distortion occurs. Because of the small heat-affected zone, there is minimal damage to the material as well.

4. No Need for Vacuum Space

Laser welding is done at atmospheric pressure, in contrast to the bulk of electron beam keyhole welding procedures; however, gas shielding is frequently required to stop the welds from oxidizing.

Since the laser beam can pass through air, vacuum space is not necessary for laser welding. A concentrated beam of light, a laser beam, is capable of being focused to a very small point. This eliminates the need for a vacuum environment and enables the laser beam to melt and fuse materials.

How to Start a Laser Welding Business?

If you want to actually start a laser welding business, you need to use your existing skills as best as you can to succeed. Like all other businesses, you first need to have a general idea about the market.

Even if you are someone who has been working with laser welding machines for a long time, you still need to understand the business side of things. There are quite a number of steps that you need to follow in order to start a laser welding business.

Step 1: Do Your Research

Run a market analysis. Determine your target audience’s needs. Which sectors have the most demand for laser welding services? Which industry do you want to target initially? What kinds of materials are they trying to weld? What are their standards for quality and spending?

According to PRNewswire research, the electronics industry will continue to maintain its leading position in the welding market. You can develop further in this direction.

Step 2: Plan It Out

Make sure to put together a business plan. Your business goals, strategies, and financial projections will be easier to define as a result. A marketing strategy and an exit plan ought to be part of it as well. A good plan from the very beginning will help you make good decisions in the long run.

Step 3: Get Certified

You cannot run a legitimate welding business without proper documents. Obtain the required authorizations and licenses. Your location will determine the precise requirements, but you might need to get a company license, a welding license, and other licenses.

You should be able to pass a 6G open root TIG all the way out certification and a 6G open root E6010 certification with an E7018 fill and cap welding certification. You should be able to earn a 4G welding certification at the very least. Here are the details of the welding certificate.

Step 4: Invest in Laser Welding Machines

Invest in welding machines. There are numerous laser welding equipment available, so it’s crucial to pick ones that fit your requirements and price range.

Your target will determine the amount you might spend on the machines. It is good to start with one suitable machine at the beginning. Make sure to choose the laser welder while thinking about the different materials you’ll be welding, their thickness, and the kind of weld you want.

An advanced welding machine

Step 5: Get a Suitable Location

Locate a place that will work for your company. If you already have a workshop that can be used as a commercial space, you can save some time and money there. A room big enough to fit your laser welding machine and other equipment is necessary. Additionally, it needs to be adequately powered and equipped with electrical outlets.

Step 6: Hire Your Staff

Hire competent personnel. You will need to employ competent welders if you do not have laser welding skills. Initially, you might need to handle all the parts of the business along with the mechanical side of things. But later on, be prepared to hire other employees, such as sales and marketing staff and administrative assistants, which can also be needed.

Step 7: Build Recognition and Provide Service

Market yourself. Become a brand. To do that, you will need to use traditional methods as well as digital methods. If you have already worked in this area, you might have some existing connections. You have to let them know about your laser welding business. If your service is good to the first customers, more factories or businesses will contact you.

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Is Laser Welding Business Right For Me?

Now, you might be thinking: would the laser welding business be profitable for me? Among so many different ideas for business, why go with laser welding? The decision will depend on how passionate you are about working hard to build a business in laser welding from the ground up. To find out whether the laser welding business is right for you, you need to ask some questions to yourself.

  • How much knowledge and expertise do you have in this sector? Do you have any experience welding? Are you passionate about working with laser welding? If not, you must receive the required training to learn a laser welding technique and to receive proper certification.
  • Do you have money to spend? The initial expenses of buying these heavy-duty machines are huge. The machine, as well as additional equipment, starting a laser welding business can be costly. You’ll also need to pay rent, utilities, and marketing expenses.
  • Are laser welding services in demand in your area? What sectors of the economy are your ideal clients? Is the laser welding technology suitable for your target group? If the demand is high, the calculations favor you even if you do not have a lot of experience or skills.
The welding process

5 Profitable Laser Welding Business Ideas

These days, a certified and skilled welder can build a career by creating a business of his own. Laser welding is one of the most lucrative types of welding methods.

You can use a laser for dissimilar metal welding as well. Laser beam welding to making electronic circuits, you can start a business specializing in any of these aspects of laser welding. But here are 5 of the most profitable welding business ideas:

1. Mobile Welding Business

A fantastic business concept for small enterprises is to have a mobile welding workshop. Many clients find it convenient to have a welder come to them, and since a huge workshop is not required, there are relatively few overhead expenses. You have two options: keep a small team or start off small with only a few mobile units and gradually grow to a larger business.

Even though the majority of the work is done on-site, many mobile welders continue to maintain a small workshop for storage and the occasional job that needs to be done off-site. However, this choice still keeps expenses low.

Due to the fact that exceptional employees are typically self-motivated, experienced welders, this idea also offers opportunities for excellent workers.

mobile welder is working

2. Stainless Steel Fabricating Job

Heavy stainless steel fabrication is a highly lucrative industry, but it needs a sizable start-up budget and a skilled workforce. You will have to be careful in choosing the welding equipment, laser welding techniques, and the staff you hire.

It cannot be begun on a tight budget or in a short amount of time. However, if you put in the effort, it may be an extremely profitable endeavor. Fiber laser welding machine is one of the most needed equipment for this job.

3. Aluminum Joining Business

According to USA Today, there is an obvious shortage of welders. The aluminum welding industry is a more specialized industry, so there is an obvious imbalance. There is a great deal of welding required. Because of the high demand, starting a firm specializing in this sector is straightforward.

With similar startup costs and labor requirements, it enables you to charge higher rates than a normal fabrication firm while still making a sizable profit.

The market for aluminum joinery is large as well. Most renovated and newly built homes require aluminum joinery, as does the commercial sector. This offers you access to a huge market. There will probably be a lot of competition in your particular field, but if you’re committed to being the best at whatever you do, it won’t be difficult to capture a significant portion of the market.

4. Decorative Welding Business

If you are skilled in intricate welding jobs, decorative welding can be an option. And when we talk about decor and welding, gates are the most common elements that come up. Homeowners buy gates for a reasonable price from a variety of shops or retailers. However, the price you can charge for your gates can go up if you establish yourself as an exclusive and unique gate designer of varied properties.

Decorative metal gate

Make careful plans to promote yourself appropriately. Keep the production of inexpensive gates separate from your more expensive gates if you spend half your time doing so. Customers will trust you with their priceless projects when they discover that you have a section of your website specifically for beautiful gates and interior art pieces.

5. Risky Welding Specialist Agency

High-risk welding is a lucrative field, but it’s crucial to be ready and follow the right safety procedures. Due to the danger involved, asking prices for high-risk welding are very high. If you want, you have the option of specializing in a high-risk industry or remaining a general high-risk welding specialist who can handle anything.

Both choices are excellent for running a successful business, but it’s crucial to have the proper training and security measures in place. To start this business, you must obtain the required education and certification for you and your team. You also need to maintain thorough safety systems and practices.

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Challenges and Pitfalls to Avoid

Laser welding can be a very hard job to stay safe in. One simple issue can become damaging and even dangerous for the welders. On the other hand, this high-demand and costly job needs to be perfect to keep the returning customers. However, there can be many pitfalls and challenges in this track of business. You need to be ready to avoid some of the major issues to reduce losses.

1. Dealing with the Cost

Due to the complicated optics, control systems, and safety requirements, laser welding equipment has a greater initial cost than conventional welding procedures. Additionally, laser welding equipment can be expensive to maintain and service, and using it calls for particular knowledge and experience. Due to these high expenses, you need to be smart when choosing the initial machines to buy.

2. Wrong Machine Selection

There are many different types of laser welding that need different machines to get the best output. However, new start-ups often mistake this aspect of choosing the right machines to buy for their business. You must choose which industry you want to work for and select the welding machines as such.

3. Removal of Air Bubbles

Air pockets are a big problem in laser welding. In an effort to remove any potential air bubbles that may have developed during the weld, you need to increase power while also narrowing the pulse width and reweld over the prior weld on pulse alone without the filler material. After that, a smoothing pass is made in the opposite direction to remove any last air pockets.

4. Keeping Good Weld Strength

Due to factors like rapid cooling, inadequate fusion or penetration, sensitivity to material qualities, and joint design restrictions, laser welding might result in decreased weld strength. These elements could weaken the connections and decrease the overall strength of laser-welded joints.

You need to be able to remedy this issue. To perform a small weld repair, it is important to utilize a smaller diameter rod; however, welders should keep in mind that “filler material bulk” is required to ensure that an ideal weld spread is obtained.

We have prepared an article for you to test the strength of welding results.

5. Maintaining Proper Safety

If you are not careful, major accidents can occur quite often in this type of job. It is your responsibility to take care of your and your staff’s safety issues. To maintain proper protective measures, undergo proper training so that you and your team are well aware of the dangers. And also follow the proper safety procedures when on the job site.

A welding workshop


1 – What are the Types of Laser Welding Processes?

Keyhole mode welding and conduction mode welding are the two primary categories of laser welding procedures. Hybrid laser welding, remote laser welding, and laser beam cutting are other types.

The materials to be welded, their thickness, and the desired weld quality will determine the kind of laser welding technique that is most suited for a certain application.

2 – Is Laser Welding Suitable for High-Volume Production?

Laser welding is suitable for high-volume production. It can be used for any type of welding business, no matter the size. It offers a number of advantages over other welding processes, including high speed, versatility, and repeatability.

3 – Can Laser Welding Replace Traditional Methods Like Spot or TIG Welding?

Laser welding is a good choice for applications where speed, precision, versatility, and repeatability are important. Traditional methods are still a good choice for applications where cost, complexity, and safety are concerns.

4 – How Much Time Does the New Welding Business Take to Become Profitable?

The amount of time it takes for a new welding business to become profitable depends on a number of factors, including the competition, the target market, the skill levels, capital, and the type of welding business. However, as a general rule, it can take around 6 months to 2 years for a new welding business to become profitable.

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A laser welding business can be financially and personally rewarding. Your chances of success can be improved by taking the actions suggested in this article. Being organized, persistent, and eager to learn from your mistakes are the most crucial qualities to start your business. Starting a laser welding company can be the appropriate choice for you if you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for laser welding. Now is the time to go forward with a solid plan!

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