10 Laser Industry Tradeshows You Must Know (2024)

Laser Industry Tradeshows
This article compiles a list of the best laser industry trade shows in 2024 and shares their dates, pricing, and event highlights.

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From advancements in laser cutting to breakthroughs in medical applications, industry trade shows promise to showcase the latest in laser technology across diverse sectors. As technology continues to evolve, these tradeshows serve as crucial platforms for professionals to witness cutting-edge innovations, network with industry leaders, and stay abreast of market trends.

In this article, we highlight the ten must-see laser trade shows of 2024.

What to Expect from Laser Industry Trade Shows?

Laser cutting machines are gaining traction across various industries due to their precision and efficiency in cutting materials like metals and non-metals. The market is driven by increased demand for customized and intricate designs, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics sectors.

Each year, the biggest laser trade shows showcase the latest advancements in laser technology that improve cutting performance while reducing energy consumption. Major players (manufacturers, researchers, and businessmen) from across the globe gather at these trade shows to survey the photonics landscape, interact with industry veterans, and team up with newcomers.

Recent years have seen a significant uptake in the research and applications of biomedical optics. We will see a lot of medical industry professionals at this year’s laser expos.

Laser Cutting Machines Market Size - gminsights

Source: GMI Insights

The laser cutting industry had a market size of $6 billion at the end of 2022. The Asia-Pacific has been identified as a significant growth region, attributed to expanding manufacturing activities. The industry is expected to double in size over the next few years.

Thus, we are seeing more and more of these events take place in emerging technological hubs like India, China, and Australia.

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10 Laser Industry Trade Shows You Must Know

The photonics industry is rapidly growing, and each year, we see major cities host trade shows on emerging laser technology. Top companies from San Francisco, New Delhi, Shanghai, etc., invest in these trade shows, as they’re important business opportunities tied to these events.

Here are our top picks for this year’s laser industry events.

Laser Industry Trade Shows Comparison Chart

Sr. No.Event NameDateLocation
1LASER World of PHOTONICS - Trade Fair

20-22 Mar 2024

7-9 Nov 2024

22-27 June 2025

Shanghai, China

Mumbai, India
Munich, Germany

2SPIE Photonics West27 Jan - 1 Feb 2024California, United States
3Industrial Affiliates Symposium 202429 Feb - 1 Mar 2024Florida, USA
4Asia Photonics Expo (APE) 20246-8 March 2024Marina Bay Sand, Singapore
5W3+ Fair13-14 Mar 2024
25-26 Sep 2024
Wetzlar, Germany
Jena, Germany
6Canton Fair 202415-19 April 2024
23-27 April 2024
1-5 May 2024
Guangzhou, China
7International Personalization EXPO6-9 Feb 2024Las Vegas, United States
8AKL'2417-19 April 2024Aachen, Germany
9FABTECH 20247-9 May 2024
11-13 June 2024
15-17 Oct 2024
Monterrey, Mexico
Toronto, Canada
Florida, United States
10CLEO 20245-10 May 2024North Carolina, USA

1. LASER World of PHOTONICS – Trade Fair

Laser World of Photonics - Trade Fair

World of Photonics’ annual trade fair is the premier event for industry veterans and enthusiasts. The trade show takes place over three days and covers research and new solutions related to lasers. It features an extensive lineup of talented guest speakers and a diverse exhibition of laser products.


  • Shanghai, China – 20-22 March 2024
  • Mumbai, India – 7-9 November 2024
  • Munich, Germany – 22-27 June 2025


  • The biggest collection of scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs in the photonics world.
  • Exhibition sectors include biophotonics, laser systems, and optics manufacturing technologies.


  • TBA. Pricing information will be shared after the pre-registration phase.

2. SPIE Photonics West

SPIE Photonics West

SPIE hosts one of the biggest photonic technologies events of the year, with 30 speakers from across the globe and over 60 training courses for participants. The four-day event showcases products from leading optics and photonics manufacturers.


  • San Francisco, California, United States – 27 January – 1 February 2024


  • Research advancements in biomedical optics, biophotonics, industrial lasers, MOEMS-MEMS, optical communications, and more.
  • Features courses, presentations, and industrial programs related to optics.


  • Attendee Registration is Free

3. Industrial Affiliates Symposium 2024

Industrial Affiliates Symposium CREOL

The symposium is organized and managed by CREOL, the College of Optics and Photonics. They are a leading research institute supported by industry professionals from all across the US. It is an industry hub for partners to demonstrate their photonic devices.


  • Orlando, Florida, USA – 29 February – 1 March 2024


  • Short courses on introduction to lasers and beam control for laser systems.
  • A session on laser-based sensing by the US Navy.


  • Attendee Registration is Free

4. Asia Photonics Expo (APE) 2024

APE 2024

The APE is Asia’s largest trade show, focusing on business connections, innovative technologies, and emerging markets. The event is a major opportunity for business professionals to network and collaborate. Key laser solutions manufacturers from all over Asia participate in the event and hold live product demos.


  • Marina Bay Sand, Singapore – 6-8 March 2024


  • Sessions on research in laser materials, components, and equipment.
  • Sessions on emerging optic fiber technology, materials, and applications.


  • TBA. Pricing information will be shared after the pre-registration phase.

5. W3+ Fair Convention

W3-Fair Wetzlar

One of the biggest European laser industry events, the W3+ Fair provides a stage for global optics industry leaders to showcase market trends and share insights into emerging photonic technologies. The two-day fair is devoted to electronics, mechanics, optics, and photonics technologies.


  • Wetzlar, Germany – 13-14 March 2024
  • Jena, Germany – 25-26 September 2024


  • Expected 150 exhibitors from all over Germany.
  • Lectures on the latest trends in optics form representatives of Leica, Bosch, Zeiss, and more.


  • One-day Pass – € 25
  • Two-day Pass – € 40
  • Premium Two-day Pass – € 196

6. China Import and Export – Canton Fair

Canton Fair 2024

The 135th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China, will be one of the biggest events for the tech sector. An impressive 17,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries and regions participated in last year’s event. Due to the incredible scale of the event, it is divided into three phases, each focusing on a different industrial sector.


Guangzhou, China

  • Phase 1: 15-19 April 2024
  • Phase 2: 23-27 April 2024
  • Phase 3: 1-5 May 2024


  • International Booths on semiconductors, telecommunications, construction machinery, manufacturing equipment, and more.


  • Attendee Registration is Free

Below is Baison’s participation in the 134th Canton Fair in 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out!

7. APA – International Personalization EXPO

International Personalization EXPO

The International Personalization EXPO is a huge gathering of design professionals from all over the US. It has a strong focus on laser engraving and marking technologies. Over one hundred laser manufacturers join the events each year, sharing their tips and tricks for improving laser designs.


  • Paris, Las Vegas, United States – 6-9 February 2024


  • Session on examining the properties and possibilities of fiber laser marking systems.
  • CorelDRAW overview.


  • Free for Attendees with APA membership.
  • $75 – Non-APA Retailers.
  • $200 – Non-APA Suppliers.

8. AKL’24 – International Laser Technology Congress

AKL 24

AKL’24 is one of the biggest tech events in Europe, focusing primarily on laser technology. The 3-day conference covers many topics, including photonics, optical systems, laser sources, and additive manufacturing. The first day is dedicated to an open forum where participants can engage with industry experts.


  • Aachen, Germany – 17-19 April 2024


  • Session on laser systems for medical applications.
  • Awards ceremony for the best exhibition.


  • Registration Fee Starts at € 621.
  • Complete Three-day package – € 3400.

9. FABTECH 2024


FABTECH is the largest metal fabrication event in North America. Each year, it highlights innovative manufacturing solutions from world-class companies. This event is a great opportunity for small businesses to forge meaningful relationships with global suppliers.


  • Monterrey, Mexico – 7-9 May 2024
  • Toronto, Canada – 11-13 June 2024
  • Florida, United States – 15-17 October 2024


  • Workshops on additive manufacturing, automation, laser cutting, metal finishing, forming and fabrication, and more.


  • $50 registration fee.

10. CLEO 2024

CLEO 2024

The Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) is a stand-out event among all industrial events. The extensive six-day conference involves scientific and technical discussions on optics, lasers, and optoelectronics. CLEO is jam-packed with short courses, special events, and product demos.


  • North Carolina, USA – 5-10 May 2024


  • Technical session by professional optical engineers


  • Plenary Sessions are Free
  • Full Conference Pass – Starts at $326 for Students and $1108 for General Attendees.
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1. What is an Industry Trade Show?

Trade shows are industry-wide events that serve as a marketing strategy and a networking opportunity for businesses showcasing their latest products.

2. How to Register as an Exhibitor at a Trade Show?

Industry conferences and tradeshows offer floor space to companies looking to showcase their technology or products. These events require companies to fill out a detailed registration form detailing their company and highlighting their products.

3. Do Trade shows have Product Displays?

Product displays are not necessary for tradeshows. However, many laser equipment manufacturers have live product demos, highlighting their products’ capabilities.


The laser industry trade shows for 2024 offer a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge advancements and trends in laser technology. From highlighting new products to forging business connections, these events provide invaluable platforms for professionals. As the laser cutting industry continues to burgeon, these Tradeshows serve as essential hubs for networking, collaboration, and staying up-to-date on market dynamics.

For up-and-coming business owners, these events provide a valuable opportunity to interact with industry professionals and partner with top companies.

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