Overcoming Obstacles in Machining Machine Frames and Beds

machine bed of a laser cutter
Discover how to overcome common obstacles when machining machine frames and beds with our expert tips and strategies. Learn how to improve your machining process for optimal results and efficiency.

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However, most engineers and manufacturers do not pay enough attention to this cutting tool when designing or making a laser cutting machine.

This article will discuss what kind of material you should use for your laser cutter’s bed, how to make it, and how to overcome common obstacles when working on machine tool projects.

What Is the Machine Bed of a Laser Cutter?

machine bed

The machine bed is the base of your laser cutter. It’s important that this machining operations component be made of strong material and has a flat surface to support the weight of your machine without warping or bending.

A CNC machine’s bed is crucial to the laser cutting machine. It is the base of the cutting tool, which supports the workpiece during cutting and engraving operations. The machine bed is usually made of metal alloys or acrylic material, depending on what type of machine you have chosen to buy.

The size and shape may vary depending on your needs: if you need to cut large pieces, then it would be good if your bed could accommodate them. If not, then choose a smaller CNC machine with enough space for small projects such as badges or logos for shirts/t-shirt printing services.

Is the Machine Bed Important for Laser Cutting?

The machine bed is an important part of a laser-cutting machine. It is the base on which your material, like alloy steel, is placed and moved around during the cutting process.

The quality of your machine bed will determine how well you can cut materials and how long they last in use. It will also determine whether or not there are any issues with overheating or warping due to excessive heat transfer.

The advantage of using a high-quality laser cutter machine bed is that it will give you better results. More so when working with different types of materials, such as wood, metal, alloy steel, or plastic, requiring different settings depending on their density level.

A good quality bed will allow these settings to be changed easily without damaging yourself or any other parts of your workplace, such as walls/ceilings. So, before making any purchases, always check out reviews before buying stationary cutting tools blindly.

What Are the Advantages of Using a High-quality Laser Cutter Machine Bed?

machine bed of a laser cutter

The advantages of using a high-quality computer numerical control laser cutter machine bed are as follows:

  • Precision

The cutting accuracy of the whole machine depends on its foundation, so choosing a good one is very important. A good laser cutter machine bed will have higher precision than an ordinary one, improving your production efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Strength and durability

The strength of the whole structure relies on its foundation. If you want your machine frame or bed to be strong for heavy workloads, choose one with high mechanical strength and excellent stability characteristics. These may include our laser cutter beds with high hardness ratings (HRC).

If you plan on using your new CNC machine often, this may also be worth considering. It means less maintenance is required over time due to wear & tear caused by regular use of the CNC mill.

  • You can use it for a long time

Machining machine frames and beds are made to last so that you can use them for the tool in years! They are built to withstand the wear and tear that comes with time.

So, if you plan on using your machine for a long time, then investing in a good machining bed is definitely worth it.

  • It has a good performance

Machining machine frames and beds are designed to perform excellently, so you can count on them to do the job well!

Not only do they work well, but they also help make your machining experience more enjoyable because they help make sure that everything works smoothly in your workshop or office.

  • It is easy to maintain, clean, and repair

Because this machine is made of steel and steel doesn’t rust, you don’t have to worry about maintaining or cleaning it as much as other materials might require—just wipe away any dust or dirt that accumulates over time!

What Are the Techniques for Making a Machine Bed?

There are many techniques for making a machine bed, and we’ll discuss the most popular ones here:

  • CNC machining: It involves controlling a cutting tool (like a milling machine) by computers to carve away material from metal blocks until you have your desired shape.
  • Laser cutting: As its name suggests, this process uses lasers instead of mechanical tools to cut materials into different shapes.
  • Waterjet cutting: Similar to laser cutting but uses high-pressure jets instead of light beams.
  • Powder coating: Also known as electrostatic painting or electrostatic deposition; in this process, paint adheres to surfaces through an electrical charge rather than chemical bonding.
  • Welding: A technique where two pieces are fused together at high temperatures using heat and pressure created by an electric arc between them. Usually, it’s used when joining steel plates together because it produces strong joints without leaving any gaps between them.
machine bed of a laser cutter

What Are the Common Problems of Making a Machine Bed?

The machine bed is the most important part of a laser cutter. It’s the foundation of your laser-cutting machine and the base on which your laser head moves.

It’s where you place the material to be cut, so it needs to be strong enough to hold up under pressure and heat but also light enough for easy movement.

The main issues with making a machine bed are:

  • Finding appropriate material.
  • Designing a sturdy structure that can handle heavy loads while remaining lightweight.
  • Make sure all parts fit together perfectly so they don’t shift during use (and therefore ruin any designs being created).
  • Creating something aesthetically pleasing enough so as not to detract from users’ experience when using their machines.

How to Solve the Problems When Making a Machine Bed?

When you are making a machine bed, you should pay attention to some details. The most important part of it is to make sure that the laser cutter has good stability.

If the bed does not have enough strength or stability, then it will be easy for dust particles to fall off the sheet metal and cause problems.

When making a machine bed, you need to consider the quality of your machining operations cut. The quality of your cut depends on the strength of your machine bed and how level it is.

It’s important that you choose the material with tighter tolerances that can withstand constant heavy loads without breaking down over time.

This is if you want to ensure that your laser-cutting machine frame is durable enough for industrial applications. You also need to ensure that joints between different small parts are strong enough.

This ensures they don’t come apart under pressure from vibrations caused by moving parts inside the cabinet or external vibrations due to nearby high-speed machining operation (which could cause harmful vibrations).

Benefits of Choosing Baison as Your Partner

Choosing the right partner for machining machine frames and beds can be difficult. There are plenty of options, but not all of them will be able to deliver on your expectations.

Choosing Baison as your partner is a smart decision. Here are the guarantees of our CNC machining service:

machine bed of a laser cutter


Baison has been in the CNC machining industry for over 10 years. This has helped us develop a deep understanding of your challenges and how to overcome them.

We know what it takes to deliver high-quality machine tools and parts that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. And we will work with you every step of the way to get there with quality assurance.


Our reputation speaks for itself—we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and we’re proud of our past successes as a machining center.

We know how important it is to build trust with our clients. We always strive to improve our services so that you can be confident in choosing us as your machine shop partner.


We believe that innovation is key to success in today’s manufacturing world. So, we’re constantly looking for new ways to innovate to provide even better service than ever!

Innovation doesn’t just mean creating new products. It also means creating better processes so your business can grow stronger daily.

Competitive Pricing

At Baison, we know that pricing is one of the most important factors when choosing a partner for your machining needs. That’s why we’ve made sure that our prices are competitive while still delivering a wide range of manufacturing machines.

Our business model is simple: we don’t charge high prices, so we can pass those savings on to you. That means you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget when you work with us. We work with you on any budget.

Customer Service

We know how important it is to feel like your needs are met when working with a company. So, we take every step possible to make sure our customers are happy.

You’ll never feel like an afterthought here—we’re always thinking about what’s best for you!

Strong Partnerships

Finally, our partnerships with other companies like aerospace components companies mean we can provide you with even more benefits than our strong pricing and great customer service.

We know that sometimes it’s not enough just to be able to deliver quality work—you also need access to some of the best people in your industry who can help guide your business forward and make sure it continues growing.

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Discover the Perfect Solution for Your Business with Baison

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of a high-quality machine tool bed. It’s not just about the quality of the part itself but also what it means for your laser-cutting machine as a whole.

If you want to keep your machine running smoothly and efficiently, then it’s essential that you invest in one of these high-accuracy beds from the start!

If you have any questions about our machine beds, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best one for your needs.

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